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Guest beckster

National Film Theatre


The NFT are having a single showing of this ballet-related film at the end of April. I wondered if anyone would like to go and see it with me. It's on a Thursday night which might make it difficult for the non-Londoners, but do let me know if you're interested!

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Hello to Kate, Janelle, and Beckster, across the puddle in England!


So, I'm curious -- did you see the movie? What did you think?


I enjoyed Neve Campbell's acting and dancing -- she is SO beautiful and talented.

And I admired the choreography for My Funny Valentine and Malcolm Macdowell's

over-the-top performance too. And "Tensile Involvement" is amazing. And so

is "White widow"... and well, I could go on and on, but I wanted to hear your

thoughts and impressions instead of blab about mine. Comments, anyone?

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We've not been yet - it doesn't seem to be on anywhere. :P

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Actually, I lied - the film is on in Manchester, but from the 14th May (hooray!). Xena - fancy a trip t'pictures?

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I managed to see The Company in Edinburgh.


I thought that the dancing was lovely and Neve Campbell was fantastic however there didn't seem to be much of a storyline and i have to admit that I do not like modern or contemporary ballet. I am a fan of the classics.


Saying all that, I will still be adding it to my DVD collection when it comes out in the UK!!

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