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Injury and Strengthening

Guest thumpinhippo

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Guest thumpinhippo

I recently heard that when you injure yourself (muscularly I assume) that it makes your muscles stronger so that when you recover from injury, you would be capable of whatever movement caused you that injury in the first place... [i hope you're not all confused...I know I certainly am.] I'd just like to know what you think and separate fact from fiction...

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It's not the injury that makes the strength, it's a properly-done recovery process. It's a natural consequence of return after injury for a student to pay especial attention to the care and use of the injured area. So, as a result, what was injured and the movement that caused it will be become just as good as before (status quo ante), and then, because the student will naturally be exercising carefully, improvement beyond the status quo ante is frequently-found.

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Guest dancinabbs

Mr. Johnson, what you said is so right. When I had an injury with my knee and had to do PT, I got a lot stronger in a bunch of different ways from the streches and excersizes. But, of course, I wouldn't say it's exactly a good way to get stronger :D .


xoxo ABBS xoxo

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