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Rejected yet again from my own school...

Dancing on my toes

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I have taken year-round at PNB since I was 8. I have tried out for PNB's summer course for 3 years now, and rejected all 3 times. :( I mean don't they want their own students to dance in the summer instead of sitting around doing nothing like I will be doing? :unsure: And PNB was my only choice because my parents don't want me to go out of state, and also there's a money issue. I feel really bad getting rejected from my own school. Sorry...I just had to write what I was feeling somewhere...

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I'm sorry to hear this, Dancing. It doesn't seem quite fair to me when a school will not allow their own students in their program in the summer. Have you spoken to your teacher or the school director about this? It might be a good idea to have a conversation with someone there, and explain that you are not able to go away for the summer.

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Guest dancergal

Well I know that at SAB they don't allow the year-round students to attend the summer program. Maybe it's because they want to give other people a chance to go?? But like Ms. Leigh said, I would talk to someone, especially if it's an issue for you. If you currently don't have another option it would definitely be a good idea.

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Guest devion101

I'm sorry you got rejected Dancing... I auditioned the same time you did and also got my rejection letter. Oh well. Have you looked into Evergreen City Ballet's summer program? I have known a few PNB students to go there and really like it, and it's inexpensive and in state! You may want to check it out... I hope you feel better soon, I know rejections are a pain.



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As has been noted, DO talk to somebody, if you are unable to make other connections for summer study. While it is true that SAB does not ordinarily permit year-round students to take the summer session, there have been exceptions. Sounds a little like "When they sneeze at Lincoln Center, they blow their nose in Seattle!"

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Well I know that they let us year-round students attend their summer course because they encourage us all to audition, and a few of my friends have attended. I have called in the past and the first year they said that I was inbetween levels, and the second year they said that I don't have good enough feet and that my turn out wasn't very good. I called again today and am waiting for them to call back. And I was wondering, if you are a judge at an audition, and you know one of the students auditioning, do you automatically think, "Oh, I know that she doesn't have the right body type, we shouldn't accept her." or do you judge according to how they audition? Because the judge for the past 3 years has been a teacher I had who told me I could never be a professional dancer because of my feet. I always walk out of the audition thinking that I did good because I did perfect double pirouettes while my friend who has the perfect body was struggling to land a single, and my leg was higher than hers during the adagio, yet she gets in and I don't. I know that I shouldn't be comparing myself to anyone, but I do. Sorry this is a little long, I really do appreciate all you guys trying to make me feel better though. :wink:

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Sarah, this is a tough one, because in terms of auditions, we all look for those who have the facility to be a professional dancer. That makes it very difficult for those who can do a lot of things, but just don't have the line, or the rotation and the feet to make the line. (You do need to realize that quantity is not at all the same thing as quality, and that more is not always better.) That is one reason I believe that the home school should always accept their own students, as I believe that everyone should be allowed to study as long as they work hard and can keep up with the level, and want to put in that much time and work in the summer. Some of our own students fall into this category too, like people who would not be accepted in an audition, but have worked hard and made progress and deserve to continue studying. It is hard in the summer, since we audition students from all over the place, and they fill up the classes. But I still believe there should be a place for our own students, as long as they are qualified to study in an intensive program, even if they don't have the same facility as many that we accept from outside.


Since your school does not do this, then it is important for you to find another school that does for the summer. There must be another program you can attend, if they won't keep you there at PNB. My question to them, if they say no, would be to ask why you are kept during the year. I mean, your parents do pay a fair amount of money for you to be there, and you are one of their own students. How do they expect you to progress if you don't study in the summer? That is another important reason for a school to accept their own students.

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I have attended PNB's summer course for the past two summers and will be attending again this year. I know that they accept year-round students, because several of them are my very good friends!


PNBS is a wonderful school (and PNB is a fabulous company), however, it may not be the best place for you to study. If they do not feel you have the feet or the turnout or potential for their summer course, they probably do not seriously consider you as a dance student with potential year-round. All companies and school look for different things, so this does NOT mean that you should give up ballet. If I were in your position, I would try a few classes this summer at the Evergreen City Ballet. If you enjoy those classes and feel that the school is more interested in you than PNBS, I would seriously consider switching to their school for the year. Remember, if PNB is your dream, if you work diligently to improve, perhaps you will gain an acceptance next year. I know several people who have been rejected to PNBS's summer course 2 or 3 times that have been accepted in later years. I wish you all the best! :yes:

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