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Going to see Spartacus tonite

Guest Until The End Of Time

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Guest Until The End Of Time

I thought the show was great. I loved it for a first Ballet in person I have experienced in real life instead of on Television. Sergio Neglia was amazing. I did not like Sasha Janes, he seemed to be a bit sloppy at times. Overall I enjoyed it. I however can not wait to see Swan Lake by the Moscow festival.


The show was well done, and the male role was in my eyes amazing, due to it being the only Ballet I have seen in real life. It made me want to be a better dancer and work with Sergio if it is possible. I know he worked with Bolshoi Ballet in Russia, Santiago ballet de chile, miamai city ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, and the Chautaqua summer dance company George Balanchine, Rudolf Nueyev, Alexander Gudonov, Mikhail Baryshinikov and Ivan Nagy. :blushing: Im jealous. I want a male teacher. :yes:

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Uteot, can you tell us a bit more about the performance? Like the work or works that they danced and what they were like? Was it one full length ballet or several shorter works? Music? Size of the company, etc.?

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Guest Until The End Of Time

The cast had over 50 people. but only 21 dancers. The rest were either slaves or guards in the performance. Spartacus was played by Sergio Neglia, Phrgia was played by Sherri Campagni, Crassus by Sasha Janes, Aegina by Heidi Halt. Those were the main parts of the show. The other ones were Tracio by Patrick Kastoff, Courtesan by Nora Cotter. Then you have the maidens, done by 10 girls then you have the Courtesans played by 5 girls. The music was good well played,I thought Aram Khachaturain was good doing the music. The customes fitted the time era in the Roman times. They had two acts all together 12 scenes. Mostly Sergio, Sasha, Sherri Campagni and Heidi Halt danced on the stage. They were good on their parts. I wish I could name the movements they did but like I told everyone else I am not extremely caught up on my Ballet vocab. ( I am a observer rather than a name learner, but Im picking up terms in class as I learn the movements) The maidens did something I have never seen before a leg twist type thing, where they like twisted their ankles all around . Then I want to say it was Sherri Campagni who did this movement, She was en pointe and she had her leg positioned in the air and turned that around without moving her body just her leg, like her leg was a globe. I think it was filled with several shorter works. I had gotten there at 6:45 when the performance started at 7:00 and it was over at 8:50.

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