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Which school??


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I auditioned for a full time academy for musical theatre, but didn't get in so I'm continuing to take classes in a dance studio. I'm really aiming for a career in musical theatre.

Here's my problem. My weakness is definitely improvisation and expression my feelings in dance (actually, that my problem in everything I do.) Technique on the other hand, is something I seem to pick up quite fast, as I only started ballet 3 years ago, after an 8 year break, and I'm in an intermediate-advanced class already.

The school I am now, is an excellent school, with a great teaching staff. The big emphasis in that school is definitely technique. I take ballet there twice a week right now, and jazz once a week IF I have the time. I might be able to start a modern class at this school, where the emphasis is improvisation.

I also have the oppurtunity to dance in the company of a school I danced in 2 years ago. It is a very modern company/school, but ballet is required. In that company I would be required to take 10 classes a week, including ballet and modern. Their big emphasis in class is improvisation and expression. The modern classes are excellent, but the ballet classes unfortunately aren't. This school is a lot cheaper than the other one, and i would be able to take more classes at this school.

Right now I'm really confused which school would be the best one for me to go to. Should I go for the cheaper school, with lots of classes where I'll get the chance to work on stuff I really need to work on, but where I might lose the technique I have now? Or should I go for the more expensive school, where I can take less classes, and only work once or twice a week on my weaknesses, and continue the excellent technical training I'm getting now?

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In terms of where you want to go with this, I think the school with the emphasis on the modern and expression and improvisation would be more beneficial. While I'm the first one to say always find the best ballet school, if that is not your emphasis, and especially with only a couple of classes a week, it does not sound like the right place to be right now.

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Thanks for your advice Miss Leigh.

Would this be a good plan:


Monday: 1,5h. ballet at ballet school

Tuesday:1,5h. jazz at ballet school

Wednesday: about 3 h. modern and improv training at modern company

Friday: either 1,5 h. ballet and 1 hours conditioning at ballet school or 2,5 hours ballet and modern at modern company

Saturday: 3 h. ballet and modern at modern company.


I really want to try to take at least 1 ballet class at the ballet school, because the ballet training at the modern school is so crappy. I had to work very hard to get rid of all the bad habits I had learned there, so I really want to keep that up.


Thanks again for your help Miss Leigh, it's really nice to have someone I can ask those questions to.

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Marjolein, if you can do that schedule and take classes at both places, that would be definitely the best!

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