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Hyper-extended legs

Guest pointe2dtop

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Guest pointe2dtop

Here's what I know

* My legs are hyper extended

* Pros look better with them

* the technique for people with them has to be strong

* I don't know much about it

*I don't know what it means


We had a guest teacher and she said that my legs are hyper-extended and that I'll have to work harder but that it's worth it. At a drop-in-class audition the teacher commented on my hyper-extended legs. So it's official, my legs are hyper extended.


I think i'm even more injury prone! That stinks because i'm very flexible and I have flexible ankles. Now i'm just waiting for injury! hehe


What do you know about hyper-extended legs? Please tell me!

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Oh that's all right, just run a search on "hyperextended" and you'll see that we have things you never dreamed existed on the topic! :yes:

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