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Potential for Pointe eventually??

Guest shamrokme

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Guest shamrokme

I am a current college student, about to graduate and I finally have time to take dance classes again because I miss it so much. Problem is I haven't done ballet in about 9 years. I basically stopped dancing in 7th grade right before I was about to get one pointe, and I've kinda always wanted to get back to that level. I'm still pretty flexible and I have been working on strengthening my muscles again and getting back my turnout, etc. Is it possible that after taking classes for awhile that I might be able to get into a beginning pointe adult class in the next year or so?


I'm willing to work hard at it, anyone have any suggestions if it might be possible, how to gain the strength and ability so I can do that? I just want to do it for myself and the love of dancing.




Erin :thumbsup::sweating:

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Hello Erin, and welcome to the Adult Ballet Student's forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers :sweating:


Just about anything is possible, but there is no way for us to know if you will have the ability to dance on pointe or not. A lot will depend on the quality of training you had before, the quality of training you have now, how much training you are able to do now, and of course your own facility. I would not try to put a time limit on your goals. Just get back into classes and see how it goes. Give yourself a lot of time to get your technique back to the level where you would qualify safely for pointe, and of course the more classes you take per week, the better. :thumbsup:

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Guest shamrokme

I danced for about 6 years straight before I quit. I was actually supposed to be on pointe the following year, but I ended up quitting for various reasons. I understand though...I figured it was a longshot..I'm probably going to med school in about a year that's the only reason I asked about in that time period. Once that starts, the social life and activities all kinda dissipate to nothing again. I figured as much though....I just won't think about it and have fun then and just work on it and if it happens great, if not then at least I get to dance again!


Do you have any suggestions on how many classes a week is a good idea to start to get back technique, and any particular type of classes specifically like a technique class, or body conditioning for ballet on top of a dance class alone?

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I would say at least two classes a week in ballet technique, and perhaps a conditioning, stretch, or Pilates class in addition to that.

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