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Spring break

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Guest dancingforever

I have one more week of school before spring break, and I'm getting worried about getting out of shape. :thumbsup: My classes are off for a week, and though there are adult open classes that I could take, a good friend of mine is visiting and it would be rude to leave her to go take class. What should I do? Just stretch, strengthen on my own and not stress or have a workout plan?

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A week is practically no time at all, and occasionally you need these breaks, just for your own physical and mental health. If you want to do a little rudimentary barre work at home and a few stretches, you should be able to return to class with little or no impairment.

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during breaks I usually do the nycb workouts, and I have a david howard class on tape, and I'll just turn on my ballet class music tape that I have and do some barre. I also just turnon some music and dance!!

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Well it's only a week, so if you stretch and maybe give yourself a little barre you'll be ok!

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There are no "maybes". Major Johnson's advice is the one to follow. Take the week off, enjoy you time with your non-dancing friend. Get away from it. A week is nothing. The time away will do your mind and body good. :angry:

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