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thanks everyone! i got the dvd "An Evening with the Royal Ballet," from the library, and it had the pas de trois in it. thanks a bunch for all of your help!

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I do not mean to sound stupid, but what are the names of all the fairies [not the metals] in Sleeping Beauty? What gifts does each fairy give Aurora? What are the colors of each fairy? Where can I listen to the music for each variation? What fairy goes with what music? I know that those questions are specific and I certain factors vary with the ballet company performing it, but I would really appreciate it if someone could help me.


Live to Dance, Dance to Live. Lindsey

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There are 6 fairies:


1. Candide (Candour) - White

2. Fleur de farine (Wheat flour) - A tannish color

3. Miettes qui tombent (Breadcrumbs) - Pink

4. Canari qui chante (Canary) - Yellow

5. Violante (Temperament) - Orange

6. Lilac Fairy - Purple

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