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Video for Jumps and/or Turns?


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Does anyone have an opinion as to a good video for teaching jumps and/or turns? I have a David Howard Video (Take a Master Class I), but it doesn't have any real teaching value. It's a good video for having help going through barre exercises and some center floor work, but he doesn't really get into a lot of explanation on technique. I'm looking for something that will explain small bits of information as to the hows and whys. If anyone has ever seen a video of this type, that would be great. I have a Balanchine video for arabesque and passe, and it is great, but I don't see one of the Balanchine video's for jumps. Any advice? Thanks. :D

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Check into the videos by Finis Jung. I believe there is a website, but I don't know what it is. He does, however, advertise them in Dance Magazine. He is a fine teacher.

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Thank you Ms. Leigh. There is a website, it's Finis Jung, and they have a lot of videos, some mention jumps, and many address turns. Does anyone have any actual experience with any of the Finis Jung videos? They look good, but at these prices (average $60.00), I really want to be sure they are good for actual instruction. Thanks again.

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Guest sherimessman

Check out ebay! They have a lot of that stuff. Most of the people describe what is on the video or books. Plus of course they are a lot cheaper since they are used. :shrug:

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Thanks, I did that, no Finis Jung, and two really old videos (although the pointe-to-pointe is a good video), but I'll keep looking.

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Oops, tried another search, didn't use the word "instruction" and came up with many more, mostly NYC Workout, but will keep looking!

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sherimessman - if you'll turn on your private messaging, I'll send you a thank you note.

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I think his name is spelled Finis Jhung, not "Jung". That may help with your search as well :shrug:

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Ooops! Thank you lampwick! That was my mistake, and I know better!


dancepig, sherrimessman is still a new member, so she does not have private messaging available to her yet.

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Hi there,


I have purchased 3 videos from Finis, who is definately an excellent teacher.


I think they were worth every penny, and as Ms. Leigh says, he is good.



I think of all the videos I've seen and purchased, his are the most informative.


Go to his website, and if you have a specific question, you can email him.

He is teriffic at responding, or at least that was my experience.


I also have 2 of his CDs, and I really enjoy the music. He is very good at explaining and demonstrating mechanics.


For what it is worth, you won't regret buying his vids.

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