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Lately I have missed several classes, for various reasons. I have had a band concert, All County band, my mom was sick so she couldn't drive me, and today the weather was terrible and my mom refused to drive. We need to make them up if we miss this many and here are the problems: I already go 5 times per week. That means I can only do make ups on Thursdays or Sundays. My mom and dad hate driving already; they won't drive an extra day. I need to make up probably about five classes, and I becoming paranoid my teachers will start to notice very soon I have missed a lot. I go to a serious school, and am really hoping to move up to the next level next year... what if they take into account what I have missed as me not being dedicated enough? What do I do?

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I would suggest that you speak to your teachers and explain where you have been and why, but be prepared to hear what you probably already know...to pursue a career in ballet is a very serious endevour that requires 100% of your time and dedication. Afterall this is what your teachers are/should be giving you as well!

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pointe2dtop, advice is given on this forum by the moderators, for exactly the reason that we see with your post. Young teens are not qualified to answer questions about technique or classes, and while well-meaning, your advice is not valid. Missing classes DOES matter, and so does making them up, and teachers who do not notice when students miss too much, or care if they do, are not teachers of classical ballet, in my opinion.


Ballet is a VERY difficult art form, and one cannot learn to do it by not being there. Students who miss a lot of classes will not be dancers.

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Guest ballet_barbie72

I understand the parents not being able to drive you. My mum often finds it hard to take me to dance classes all the time, as my studio is so far away. And public transport isnt an option where I live, but what about for you?

I also understand the whole weather thing, as a nearby bridge often floods, meaning I have no way to get to dance class unless taking a serious detour, meaning i would arrive halfway through the class anyway.

I hope you can work it out!

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Our on track students, (meaning the students who study ballet seriously) are requested to call in when they have to miss a class. And they are expected to make them up. And they do. Missing a class is important to them, and there is also the "little" matter of the amount of money your parents pay for these classes. :angry:

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Guest primaballerina13

i have a problem like that too. I am taking a jazz class at about 8:30 at night. lately I have had a ton of homework so i can't be there. In that class we are working on a dance, and if you aren't there my teacher takes us out of it. The dance is going really slow ( she adds like 4-8 counts a night) and i could pick it up in like 2 seconds. So my question is how can i be in the dance? Am i wrong to miss jazz for homework? I would talk to her about it but she's not really an easy person to talk too. What do i do???

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If class time is being used as rehearsal time for a dance, then lose that class.

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Well, I would say the same thing if it were ballet, however, even in our school, while the ballet classes are not used for rehearsal, the jazz and modern often have to be. There is simply not enough time or space for those to be separate.

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requested to call in when they have to miss a class. And they are expected to make them up. And they do. Missing a class is important to them


Ms. Leigh, we also have to call in if we are missing for any sudden reason, and if we know in advance we will be missing, for a concert or something, we need to have a teacher sign a time out form 2 weeks prior. I do believe making up classes is important, and I will be able to make three up this week -- my mom agreed to take me. I am serious about ballet, and my school is serious about it.

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I am not aiming to be a professional, but I still never miss class. I place it equal or higher than getting homework done because I can always just stay up later and get the work done. If I just keep class as something that cannot be skipped, I won't even be tempted to skip if I have tons of work to do. I have made a commitment and thats not something I take lightly. Also, I think it is rude to the teacher to not notify them if for some reason you must miss class. Even though I am not pursuing this as a career, I take it very seriously. If you aren't going to make the commitment, you are wasting your time.

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Hi balletstar!

Though it is critically important to make it to class as often as possible, I am sure that your teachers understand how busy our lives are! B) We also have school (band in your case), family, friends, and other things to worry about! Dedication is not just shown through how many classes you show up for. Some girls show up for class every week, but fail to express the interest and determination that is required to really take your dancing to the next level. Don't stress out too much if you absolutely HAVE to miss a class once in a while. If you are truly a dedicated dancer, your teachers also look at the way that you work in class as well as how many classes you attend! Keep up the good work! :thumbsup:

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Hi, Teenyballerinee, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!


Let me caution you about one thing, though, about giving advice. Don't try to read a teacher's mind as to what constitutes a good reason for not attending class. School, where a grade is dependent on being somewhere else, like a band concert, OK. School, like a football game, no good. Family, like a funeral, OK. Family like favorite aunt in from Cincinnati and you want to see her before she leaves for Pago Pago, no good. Friends, see funeral, above. All others, feh.


Dedication IS shown by how many classes you show up for.


Leave the advice for the moderators, OK?

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