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Did you all enjoy seeing a pregnant Julie Kent on this month's Dance Magazine issue-as much as I did? I just got such a thrill seeing the photos of pregnant dancers,and the moms holding their babies! :angry:

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Yes, PK - absolutely beautiful photographs! I haven't read the article yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Ballet has come a long way hasn't it - from the old days where I think many AD's would have preferred that their ballerina's never become pregnant! Here's to liberation! :angry:

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Guest goldenpineapple

I just got the magazine-and those women are so amazing! B) It's incredible that they can balance their dance and family lives, plus, in the pictures of Lauren Anderson and Barbara Bears, they are so in shape and back to their normal selves after having their babies. Bravo to all the dancer mothers! :thumbsup:

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This was a wonderful cover and article for Dance Magazine. I was especially glad to see that ballerinas can have more normal lives now, and have children, and know that they will still have a job when maternity leave is over. I am glad that at least these ballerinas in these companies will not have to choose to have a family or to dance, but will be able to choose both. :cat:

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Yes, its wonderful that she looked good pregnant in a white leotard. Unfair, but then how many people actually make it to being a principle with a company comparable to ABT?? Not many. She has worked hard and deserves everything she has.

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I hope I get my copy today --I am intrigued to see this great cover :blink: I think this would be great for my DD to see and know that you can be a professional dancer and a Mom ! Nice role model ! I will keep my eyes posted on the mailbox :blink:

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