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I can't say anything about Steps because i haven't been there...but as for t-shirts on my recent trip to NYC I went to Chinatown(the part in SoHo) and there were a lot of vendors selling t-shirts for two or three bucks a pop. This is also where you can get all those expensive designer bags like Louis Vitton(sp?) for twenty bucks. :D So...go there if you want cheap stuff but its really shady. :D


i want to take a couple of open classes at Steps when I go to NYC next. The ballet is covered pretty well, but can anyone tell me about the jazz? I know this is a ballet board but if you have any info could you please pass it along to me?

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Dancer04, I want to echo what someone else said above, that levels are so subjective and of course a lot depends on how/how long you have trained before...Your low intermediate might be someone else's fast, etc....I think the best thing would be to go over and take a look; you can judge a lot by just looking in the door, and if the class you have signed up for ends up being too fast or too slow, or just not to your taste, and if you can tell that in the first ten minutes, if you go back to the desk, you can back out and switch to another, but you must do it fairly promptly.

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Annietart, Kait's at Steps for a few weeks, taking mostly ballet, but she took Joe Lanteri's jazz class yesterday, and really enjoyed it.

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I was just on the Steps website and it says the minimum age for open classes is 12 years-old, though it seems some of the posters on this threads dancers were younger. My daughter is turning 11 at the end of August. Would she be able to take classes there or will they ask her her age and turn her away? :)

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Generally, it is considered courteous to ask the front desk staff. They will probably ask you to check directly with the teacher in question. Certain teachers, like Michael Vernon, are very nice to visiting kids.

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Liebs has given really good advice! :thumbsup:


Just a note to remind everyone that Steps is really, really hot in the summer. Bring water and plenty of it otherwise you could easily become seriously dehydrated. :sweating:

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I know there was a very informative thread 9-12 months ago about STEPS classes and the teachers that were especially receptive to younger dancers (young teen), but I can't find it :) - as usual. Help BW, help!!!


My daughter and I will be in NY for a couple days within the next month, and she is interested in taking an open class at STEPS. She is one level below the highschool release program at her pre-professional school. How do we go about determining an appropriate level class and which teachers are especially wonderful that welcome younger dancers. Thanks for any first-hand information or direction to previous threads.

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I've just bumped up one of the threads you might have meant.


As I believe I and others mentioned in this other thread, unless your daughter were 12 and not very advanced, I don't think you have to be too worried about classes and teachers though I would not choose Burmann's class...however, if your daughter is super and comfortable that would probably be fine, too, though I believe his classes are listed as Advanced.


Here's a link to Steps On Broadway :) and always check the schedule updates for substitutes, too. I haven't looked at this since last Spring, it's nice to see my daughter's favorite teachers are still there: Michael Vernon and Fabrice Herrault. :blink:

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When in doubt, aim for the middle. Shoot for an Advanced Beginner or Intermediate class, and afterwards, ask the teacher for advice as to whether that is the class for you, or something else.

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When Kait was there last summer, she went the first morning to get some information from the front desk, and stuck around for a little while to watch some classes. There were several going on at the same time, and so she was able to judge which classes she thought would be appropriate for her.

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I have taken quite a few classes at Steps and if you want a really good teacher to help you work on the fundamentals, I highly recommend Kathy Sullivan's Beginner classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30 AM. She's fabulous with young students and gives tons of individual corrections. I feel that I have learned so much from her that I come back to her classes occasionally and I have no regrets about it.


I would really love to try Ettlin's Adv Beg class on Sundays after hearing nothing but good things about her, too! :)

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I know that I am not an adult but I could find a forum for kids on STEPS. I was wondering if some body could direct me to one or if my question could just vbe answered here. I am interested about going to STEPS. I would really like to take a class with a proffesional dancer. Do any of you know when the proffesionals usually go? Thanks so much!

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Did you read this thread before you posted, ~dancer?


Professional dancers tend to take the highest level classes taught at Steps, and depending upon how long you've been dancing you may feel comfortable taking certain classes and not feel comfortable taking others.


Please read through these two threads and then if you have some more questions, ask away. :) Perhaps you might add your posts to the thread on Cross Talk. :wink:

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If you're not advanced enough for Wilhelm Burmann's class (and it is, in fact, an EXTREMELY fast paced, difficult barre), you could take Fabrice Herrault's class on Saturday at 11:30 and show up early to watch Burmann's class. There's always a big crowd around the door trying to get a "peek" at the dancers who take his class. You're almost guaranteed to see someone famous.


Fabrice Herrault's class is fine for someone at a solid Intermediate level, though it's a fairly difficult class as well. He creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

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