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Georgian Dance


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Hi All,


I will be taking my Grade 8 RAD exam soon, and in the character section I have chosen to do DAnce Russe. However, I am not very sure what kind of expression I should portray during the dance. Is it supposed to be serene looking, elegant? Should I put on a smile?


Any information on how to do georgian dances properly would be really appreciated ! Thank you!

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For girls, Georgian dancing is pretty simple. They stand there and the men dance around them.


And please, look pleasant, no forced smile, just with the eyes!

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Thank you Mr Johnson for the quick reply!


I would certainly like to know if other people has done this for their exam and how is their experience and feedback from the examiner.....


Thank you!

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Hello Coralseaa -- I performed at a festival in France with a troupe from the former Soviet Georgia. There is quite a difference between the men and the women in style and demeanor, esp. compared to us Westerners. The men danced on their toes in soft slippers wearing full military regalia -- it's very sexy to us U.S. ladies! Lots of machismo! It's very dashing and full of bravado. They also seemed quite intrigued by the U.S. female dancers -- we are more 'tomboyish' in our interactions. The women were the epitome of traditional femininity. This is what I would go for -- DEMURE. Also -- one thing that fascinated all of the female dancers in our troupe was the manner in which the Soviet Georgian female dancers had of applying make-up - specifially, their "eyelashes." I say this in quotes because they paint on false eyelashes -- it's financially prohibitive for them to purchase them. When I say "paint," I mean it in the most artistic sense. They are grand masters at this art. It is accomplished in such a painstaking and subtle manner -- astonishing. We crowded around them and marveled. They were pleased at our response but quite shy at the same time. Their movements are quite small -- they look as if their feet are floating. Think of how you would look if you were being moved across the stage on a trolley -- except you are using your feet in tiny, fast, shuffle steps. Always with your head slightly tilted down. They gave me as a keepsake a little doll likeness of themselves in a plastic container -- I took it to an expert framer and had him remove it from the plastic and mount it on a pedestal inside a magnificent frame and I can see it in my living room as I talk to you. I hope the above images help you. Just think the complete antithesis of male, and you'll have it.

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That's a good example of terrain influencing dance. Georgia has a lot of plateau area, with a lot of sharp boulders sticking up out of the ground in the areas where the Georgians would camp, and later, build their towns. The men can jump around the rocks, and the ladies do the little pas de bourrées buzzing around the dancing ground.

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