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First suggestion...breathe! If you do not you will faint! In your school do you turn your head sideways over your shoulder before you bend back or are you asked to look up?


I actually never specify to my students whether to exhale or inhale, but I do know that sometimes asking a student to do one or the other, can switch their attention and therefore permit them to release things in their bodies that they were unconciously holding that did not need to be held! Have you tried beginning the bend in the upper back and shoulders thinking of flowing water over a waterfall? Do not make it a priority to bend very deeply at first, just freely! :flowers:

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This is related to cambre - Whenever I'm in first position, my cambres are always quite a bit smaller back than in fifth, because I feel highly unstable. Fifth, fourth, second, all are perfectly fine, and a lot lower. How can I help stabilize myself?



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Guest Balletbaby2

This is how I breathe when I do cambre, and it helps.


Inhale up! Cambre back while exhaling through the mouth slowly., inhale through the nose, exhale through your mouth..........


Try it, it helps, alot.

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