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Guest CTdance

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Guest CTdance

I’m beginning to get really depressed about my pursuit of a ballet career. Let me first start out by giving my history. I am a senior in high school and going through the whole college process. I only started to dance my junior year and I fell in love with ballet and decided this is what I want to do with my life. So with that being said, I applied to 5 colleges as a dance major thinking I can’t just go audition for a company with my lack of training. Now, I’ve been rejected from three dance departments, accepted to one (and given a talent award), and still have one more to audition at. I’m always told I have the look and I have raw talent, but I’m beginning to think that that really has no impact. I’m tired of hearing the “oh you’re a guy, you’ll get in,” cause that hasn’t helped me yet. I know I have to have some semblance of talent because I am going to the Miami City Ballet’s summer program. I’m just scared that all my dedication and hard work isn’t going to get me where I want to go because the dance world is so hard especially ballet.


Any comments or thoughts? Sorry, I just need someone’s input.




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Guest Until The End Of Time

If I were you I'd be happy where your going right now. I have read up on other men in Ballet let me be the first to tell you they did not just train at one school, they went through many schools before they landed where they are now. I am still waiting for Sergio's reply to see if he is willing to train me. I haven't heard anything yet. But that will never discourage me, I'll keep going until I find one who is willing. So your going to Miami's city ballet for the summer training, I'd be happy to get in there. You just need to think outside of you and think of all the other kids who'd be happy to be in your shoes and doing what your doing. So erase all the negativity from your system and think of all the positive influences you will gain from your experiences.

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CTDance... it's hard to make any kind of informed suggestion without knowing a number of things:

1. (Deleted as soliciting personal information from a minor.)

2. Ditto

3. Disregarding how you feel about dance, how do you like/dislike academic studies in school?

4. What fields do you have an interest in, other than dance?

5. Why are you interested in a dance major, as opposed to a ballet academy? College costs twice as much (or more) than a ballet academy; if you're not interested in academics, you're wasting the opportunities college provides. You could certainly enroll in a program of training at a ballet academy.

6. What ways might you have to support yourself as an adult if in the future you find that you're not (yet) skilled enough for professional dance jobs, but you still need to support yourself? How would you support yourself if you get good dance jobs, but they're not enough to pay the bills?

7. What do you imagine you might do with your life when you're done dancing? Dancing will only take you up to age 40 maximum; and most of us leave the profession a lot earlier. Unless you think you would really LOVE teaching ballet, you should not plan on spending the next 30 years of your life after that teaching; but that is all you'll be qualified to do unless you have other skills. And jobs as choreographer, ballet master, etc are few and far between.

8. If you wanted to go to college to major in dance, and you've been accepted to a dance department, then why are you depressed about your pursuit of ballet?

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T.J., Welcome to the Men's Forum here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :grinning:


Don't overcomplicate your life with a lot of questions. Like John Paul Jones, you have not yet begun (to dance). If that's what you want to do, go for it. Don't be discouraged by the questions or the setbacks along the way. They will present themselves in their own times. Press on. Lay on all sail, and ware ship for action!

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Guest Until The End Of Time

I agree with Mel. I mean I get discouraged all the time. Like today I can only stretch so much but the girl next to me could do the whole 9 yards. I was like what if I never get that good, then my teacher comes along and says to everyone practice makes perfect . She started to show us ways to improve on our stretching. I was like damn I wanna quit this I'll never get anyplace. But then as soon as we started doing our performance practice I was like I can't quit. Do your thing, let your mind go and the body do the work.

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Guest DerfDude04



Don't feel depressed about stuff like that! If you got into Miami City Ballet School you obviously have some talent. I know alot of people who got rejected, and would love to go, so don't take that for granted. Along with acceptances, come rejections (well not for some, who are very lucky). You just have to look at the positive side of things, and say "Well I got accepted here." I have my rejection letters, and I often read them to give me something to work for. That may seem a little odd, but that's just the person I am.


See you in Miami! :D

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Guest CTdance

Thanks everyone for the comments/support. I am feeling alot better than i was when i wrote this post. I realize that almost everyone gets rejected at least somewhere and it's a part of life (well a dancers life anyway). Unless of course you started dancing right after birth and your amazing. But for those of us who were not that lucky it's a tough time. Anyway, I'm not all depression I am very gratefull and excited I was accepted into Butler as a BFA dance major, I really think that's the best place for me! And of course Miami City Ballet School with "DerfDude04" this summer!


Thanks again for the support. :yes:



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Way to go, T. J. You're right that rejection (in dance, and elsewhere too :yes: )

is a part of life. Good luck this summer and beyond, and remember that even

Michael Jordan was cut from his High School varsity basketball team :wub:

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