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Turn out and Point

Guest shamrokme

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Guest shamrokme

I've been trying to work on gaining back my flexibility, point and turn out so I have somewhere to start from when I start taking classes again after my finals are over this quarter for school. I'm having problems with holding my turnout outside of "barre" exercises I've been doing, like with turns, and just in general on center work. :rolleyes: What muscles are being used and engaged to hold the turn out that I need to work on strengthening to hold it off the barre, and with extensions? What exercises does anyone recommend for this too?


I've tried the one on the floor with turning out one foot from the hip and then the other, but how to keep yourself from making sure the rotation is from the hips and none from the knees?


So far my point is ok, but I'd like to strengthen it as well. What muscles are being used there and what can I do to strengthen that as well?


Erin :)

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Erin, that's what barre work is for, and also adagio in the center. Work on your barre work with all of the things you mention as a priority. Then, in the center work on adagio, balance in various positions, and things like holding the pirouette position and even making a promenade in that position, to emphasize holding the rotation and the correct shape of the foot in the retiré.


To work on your "point", meaning the stretch in your foot, besides tendu, dégagé, fondu tendu, pas de cheval, and frappé, work with a theraband on strength and flexibility.


Holding your rotation in a weight bearing position is very different from doing it on the floor. The exercises on the floor are good, but then you must spend time actually doing it while standing.

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