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To Meliss re hairstyles for shoulder length hair

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Dear Ms. Leigh, hope this can get to Meliss as I cannot write to her directly...



Dear Meliss,


I used to be a dancer in my youth and now my daughter is at it...you get used to doing so many things with your hair after a few years of experience, and it is one way I can help my daughter who just cut her lovely thick hair off at the end of last summer. Now it has grown out to the length you are describing, and I have been fiddling with some different things, so here are the styles I have come up with that have gotten her quite a few compliments, and kept her from feeling miserable that she could not look like a real dancer:



1. Gather hair in pony tail when wet, or use goo (many good hair gel styling products available). secure tightly. Take hairnet, double over pony tail and tack with one pin into top of pony tail above rubber band. then,


a)either twist around pony, and pin all around with hairpin hairpins (the old fashioned v shaped ones), or


:( fold pony tail end under, complete with hairnet, and secure with one bobby pin from left to right, and one from right to left, so it becomes a little turned under loop. fan each side out so it is a hollow bun. use hairpins to secure all the way around. This will make a pleasant slightly pear-shaped bun, but the pony tail will still be visible, so..


2. on top, pin in some flowers (preferable small paper ones as real ones will wilt), one flower, or other subtle decoration to cover the pony tail rubber band. If you want to be sleeker and plainer and not wear a decoration, save out a strand of the pony and wrap it around the rubber band and secure underneath before you make the bun (sometimes braiding this little strand first helps keep it from breaking apart).




Variation 1:


French braid both sides of your head down to just above the nape of your neck, join both sides together in a pony tail and then make bun out of it as above. If rubber band is visible, cover as above, or cover with strand as above.


Variation 2:


Make part from ear to ear above and over top of head. Pull rest of hair back into pony tail, smoothly, using water or goo (hair styling gel) if necessary, as above. take front hair you left out of pony, part in middle, take each side and twist, twist, twist into little strands on each side, pulling back as you go towards the back of your head. pin each side into top/side of pony tail. proceed to make bun by attaching net and either twisting around pony tail rubber band or tucking under and making hollow bun as above. (this is very Carlotta Grisi)


Hope these ideas are helpful and can tide you over until your hair gets longer!


best regards,



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