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Which Program?????

Guest devion101

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Guest devion101


I have two options for this summer: Summer Dance Lab at Whitman College (where I went last summer) or CPYB. I am having such a hard time deciding!!! I know that CPYB has an awesome ballet program (duh, haha) and that it improves people's technique very well. The only thing is that it's unfamiliar :ermm: , and it's tres l'argent $$$$$ :( . My dad is seeing stars over the price, and I don't qualify for financial aid, which is a bummer, because it would be nice. SDL at Whitman is a good program too, I had a good time and the teachers are good, but I'm not sure if I would get enough ballet in, since I want to become a professional. If I got placed high at SDL, which I think I would, I could get to do partnering and variations, but that's not a guarantee.... Ugh. Any suggestions on what program to choose would be HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks!



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Dev, I really don't think this is something we can decide for you. It has to be a decision between you, your family, and your teacher. I am not at all familiar with the program at Whitman College.

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Several students at my ballet school have gone to the program at Whitman College (Walla Walla) for the summer (Denise Dabrowski teaches at my school) and said it was a blast but were disappointed that they didnt improve more. I have heard great things about CPYB and that it is an awesome school (i think Ethan Steifel was trained there) butI dont know anyone personally who has gone to their summer program. It just depends on whether you are looking for real improvement in your dancing, or a fun summer (and which you are willing to pay for :ermm: ). Again, this is something you have to decide on your own!


Hope this helps

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I have never heard about the Whitman Dance Program, but have heard amazing things about CPYB (both summer and year-round). They have an impressive list of alumni, as well as an excellent reputation for technique training. I have known several students who have attended CPYB's summer course. All have returned far cleaner technically and stronger. Without knowing your family's financial situation, I would definately suggest CPYB! :ermm:

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Guest waterwerty

I am having a similar problem between CPYB and Princeton. This is my first year going to a summer program, so i want it to be a really good experience. I feel like Princeton is a homier and warmer place, but they only have three boys going there and none of them are rooming. Its a very hard decision for me too! All i have to say is to go with your gut feeling.

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you've got to decide for yourself, but i'd like to say that cpyb helped me sooo much. i never thought i could dance this well. when i got home i was promoted, i'm in the top few of my class, and i got into the SI of my dream school this year (after being rejected in the past). I :thumbsup: LOVE :wink: CPYB :wub: the training there is not to be found anywhere else. you get so many teachers and they are all wonderful. after every single class ( and there were 4 a day, all ballet) my friends and i sat down and wrote nearly a whole page in our correction notebooks! i learned a lot about technique, but mainly i learned how to work and how much i didn't know. i am so thankful i found CPYB's program by chance last year not knowing it was one of the best in the country.


yes, Ethan Stiefel was trained there. so were Abi and Jonathon Stafford and Deanna McBrearty, Tina and Sherri LeBlanc and Vanessa Zahorian, and Carrie Imler and Noelani Pantastico, along with many many more.

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Guest dancergal

I don't know anyone who has gone to the Whitman Dance Program, but almost everyone in my studio goes to CPYB. They all say that they have a great time there, and keep going back year after year. Some improve more than others, but they all improve at least a bit.


I also know a girl who just started attending the year-round program this year. I met her last summer because we both went to the Miami Summer Intensive. But when I saw her for the first time since she switched schools, I couldn't believe how much she improved. It was a complete and utter transformation. But then again, I don't know if there are any major training differences between the year round program and the summer intensive.

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