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My son ended up accepting Miami for a summer SI. Does anyone have experience with boys at the school? He is 15, goes to another pre pro during the year (boarding). I have read the normal stuff, but it is usually girls, and as we know, there IS a difference!

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Guest PAmom

My son did not attend Miami SI nor do personally I know any young men who have. He did audition for the program, was accepted but when comparing programs it was not the one that could provide what he was looking for at the time. If I remember correctly, it was the first year he chose to attend ABT NYC SI and that program was chosen over Miami specifically because of the number of hours of men's technique that were offered a week.


t :ermm:

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Guest lsauvageau

My son has never gone to Miami before either. He will be attending this summer also. He is 16. I would love to get some information also. I know several girls that have attended and they have had wonderful things to say about the program.

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Knocking here - although I am not a parent of a male dance student, I do know several young men who have attended Miami's SI. Several will be going back this year for at least their 2nd or 3rd times. The ages of the young men I'm familiar with range from about 13 to 17. I've never heard a negative comment - except that old bus ride, but I hear they've improved that with air conditioning. :cat:

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Not the parent of a male dancer either. However, I was very impressed with what I saw of the mens' program. It felt very nurturing. I would send a son there!


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Yesterday I finally remembered to speak with a young man who is in the post-secondary program at the ballet school my sons attend. He went to the Miami SI last summer and reported that the program for young men was "awesome." Most of his class time was spent only with men, which in my experience is a something that young men really appreciate. They had a very intense schedule that included Pilates, Stretching, Modern and Partnering (in which there were girls :devil: ) along with twice daily technique classes. He was 18 last summer and I forgot to ask him if the program was different for younger boys. He is very enthusiastic about the program and recommended it highly for other young men.

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