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I'm a 16 year old boy, soon to be 17 and am interested in taking ballet, but as of now my schedule is just way too full to allow ballet classes (school, track, debate, etc).

Basically, I was wondering if there was any kind of "practice" I could be doing at home in the free time that I DO have? I realise anything like this would pretty limited, but I really want to start anything sooner rather than later. I've looked into the NYC ballet workout but it's my understanding that one should really have experience in ballet before attempting to follow that?

Any other ideas?


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The advice is very simple: Start right now. Tomorrow if you can.

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I would love to start tomorrow but the truth is that my schedule will not allow it. nor will my mother (she thinks I can't handle this)

It's my senior year of high school and really important. if i could, I would be in that class in a second.

Is there really no other alternative or substitute?

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There really isn't. The only thing I would suggest besides starting asap is to go to a gym that has Pilates classes or equipment, and get some time in that. About anything else works against ballet one way or another.

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Just about every dancer or dance teacher out there will concur with Mel on this one.

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I concur,

Home study will only teach you bad habits. Get into a studio as quick as possible. Your first classes will teach you correct form and only a teacher can make those corrections.



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Guest waterwerty

One thing that will definitley help is to stretch in you spare time. Do regular running stretches and maybe try to hold splits and straddles. This will give you a head start for when you do find the time to pick up classes.

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I almost hate to ask this, waterwerty, but are you a male werty or a female werty? This is the Men's Forum - :D

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See, I told you I hated to ask that question. All I had to work on were two posts and neither told me much about you. Anyway, welcome to the Men's Forum here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :D

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Guest justdanceit

One thing I have found to be a big help in my home practice is instructional videos and books. There are plenty of technical books out there that will give you a basic idea of the moves and technique so when you actually start classes you are not completely clueless. But then again with no one watching there is the risk you may develop bad habits. However, learning the terminology can be very helpful since you will be hearing those terms constantly in class. I have found that books and videos work mainly as a supplement to my classes (so if i learn something wrong I hear about it in class but on the otherhand if i learn the technique then i can spot things that the teacher may not see). Also, if your mom sees you interested and actually willing to dedicate yourself to it, it may help convince her. Seeing is believing as Billy Elliot's Dad will tell you.

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What Mel and MJ inferred was that time really will begin working against you soon. Thats why they recommended getting into a class or studio as soon as possible. Men are lucky in that they can start dance relatively late and still go on to sucessful and rewarding careers in dance. But, there is a point in which anatomy and time begin to work against you. Within the next two years or so, certain bones begin to set in place in your body and, no matter how hard you try, you simply won't be able to develop the felxibility and agility necessary to compete with other men in the dance world. That's not to say you won't be able to dance, your body will simply begin to limit your abilities.


Thats why time is important. If it's something you really want to do, make time. Try a few classes at first. You may find you enjoy your other activities more and decide not to pursue ballet after you try it.


And in answer to your mothers concerns, yes, ballet is far more demanding on the body than even some of the sports you're currently involved in. It's considered right up there with professional football in terms of wear and tear on the body. But, neither you or your mother will know if you can handle it if you don't give it a try first.


One class takes an hour and a half. Not much to give if it's something you really want to do.

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Bobo, I think that you should know that the thread you're replying to is some six years old! :wink:

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