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Is this normal?

Guest ivy'smama

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Guest ivy'smama

My DD has recently started complaining of shaky arms and legs and weak-feeling muscles after class. She says she feels this in all of her muscles, including her back. I wasn't sure if this was just a result of a strenuous class or something we should be worried about. Her class level hasn't changed and she's never complained of this before. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Do I need to be worried?

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Guest BalletAuthor

I don't think it is anything to worry about, it happens all the time - even to the pros.


Balletmom1 is certainly on the right track...rule of thumb is 1 liter of water per hour of hard exercise and almost no one drinks that much even though they need to. Also, the blood sugar issue is worth noting! Finally, whatever dd is doing (if she is doing it "right" :D ) is probably pushing her on to a new level of strength :) which is what's needed, just please make sure she is eating and drinking enough

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Guest ivy'smama

Thanks for your quick replies. I think you have a point, especially about the blood sugar. DD recently had a physical and has been obsessing over what she eats and how much (even though she is bone thin). I will be sure to watch this even closer than I already have.

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But let's not go too far afield here. It's very likely related to a hydration issue. Further, the old "8 glasses of water" standard is a half-truth. Yes, you have to take in a certain amount of water every day, but a lot of that water is contained in solid food! If your dd has been shorting herself on moist foods, and has been subsisting on rice cakes or something like that, she's not hydrating. Make sure you tell her that, too!

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