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Being Uneven

Banana Feet

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I have realized that I'm extremely uneven especially in 2 areas. First of all, my right foot is MUCH more flexible than my left one. I can pointe so that my toes touch the floor on my right foot, but my left doesn't even come close. Second, I have noticeably more turnout on my right leg than my left leg. I am wondering if I should work hard on correcting the unevenness or if it won't make that big of a difference. Thanks in advance B)

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You definitely need to work very hard on the weaker side, especially in the area of the rotation.

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Louise, while bananafeet might indeed be in an RAD or Cecchetti school where the classes are based on grades, many students are in schools that do not work on this same kind of system at all. Many schools in the US, for instance, work on levels, and not grades, and there are no exams. :D

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