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Guest samba38

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Guest samba38

Hi, It's been forever since I've posted so, first, greetings and best wishes for your kiddos for their summer plans, all you devoted ballet parents! Although my own kiddo is moving in a new direction in life (designer), I didn't want to disappear without thanking you all for this wonderful forum you create with your thoughtful contributions and the excellent job done by the moderators.

I value the friends I've met here and the terrific advice you all share so freely. And to you special parents that I've met off line-- you know who you are -- an extra hug.

I'm still a big ballet fan even as I fade away from life as a dance-mom (I must admit, I did a little happy dance as January passed and I had no auditions to suffer/rejoice through along with kiddo for the first time in a decade!!!)

But... I'm still the go-to person for some of my co-workers with dancing daughters. One has a question that stumped me: His daughter has been accepted to Debbie Allen's theater/dance program in California. Does anyone know anything about it? Is there a parents board in the musical theater realm with parents as wise and willing to share as BAlert parents?? I'd love to hear from you. Of course, I'd love to hear from you folks anyway, just to know you're well and your dancers are thriving.

All the Best,

Samba (a.k.a. Cathy)

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Cathy - samba38 - oh ye of the well written, interesting, thought provoking and, often, humorous posts - don't ever say you'll neverbe back because you're a breath of fresh air and would sorely be missed!


I'm appalled that we never met off line, but there's still hope.:)


Very exciting to hear about your daughter's new direction in life - it sounds very interesting.


Many, many thanks for all your past posts. When I think of you, I think of a touchstone.



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Cathy, thank you for writing, and I really do hope that you will not go away totally, as you have been a valued member of Ballet Alert! Online for a very long time. Your posts have always been thoughtful, interesting, and informative, and your own love of dance will go on, I'm sure, so please do share with us whenever you can!

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Samba38, I echo the sentiment of others who wish you the very best with your daughter's new interests. We will miss you here, as you are an insightful, caring parent whom I always enjoy hearing from! Please drop by from time to time when you are cyber surfing and share your wit and wisdom with us! :yes:

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Cathy, don't forget us! You're one of our most important customers - the educated consumer! Now you can help people through what must be grueling; the decision to make a career transition early in the career!

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Guest PAmom

:blushing::wub: Cathy! :wub::wub:


For those who are new and never met Samba38, let me tell you she is a dear. Three years ago, her daughter attended the same cross county SI as my son did. At a time I was very blue in not being able to attend the end of SI performance, Samba not only gave him some flowers for me but called me directly after the performances to brag and tell me all the things a mom wanted to hear... AND I HAVE YET TO MEET HER!


Don't throw away my e-mail addresses, I want to stay in touch. It looks like we WILL have a chance to meet now that I will have an ANNUAL reason to visit your city. (check your PM)


My best to you 3!

t :cat:

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Cathy, I also have benefitted from your wisdom. I was just thinking of you the other day. You gave me the best advice for my DD and her condition (Os Trigonium) and surgery.

We may as well be in your same foot steps in the not too many years ahead.




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I agree with all the nice things that PAMom says about Cathy. I HAVE met her and she's every bit as nice, if not more, in person. Cathy's opened her home to my family above and beyond the call. I am most grateful. :thumbsup:


Cathy, I have sure missed your voice on these boards. There have been many times where I've asked myself what you would think and say. I'd love it if you'd keep on visiting here and start posting again. You have much wisdom and knowledge to share with all the new folks here.


And, finally, my son may be in your neighborhood in early April. If so, I hereby donate his time to solving some of your computer glitches. :D

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Guest samba38

Dear BA friends, I'm so touched by all your kind thoughts and encouragement. You've all enriched me with your ideas, experiences and support and I will certainly cruise by here on occasion to keep up with the many triumphs of your dancers -- on or off stage. I still read now and then on the performance and discussion boards, too, to see what you skilled observers have to say. I'm fairly sure that most of you have private message status so buzz me there when you have a moment. All the best!


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