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Guest ballerinababe88

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Guest ballerinababe88

I read another thread a little while ago, and you mentioned that it hurts your center work if you do two barres in one day. Somedays, I work with a private teacher, and we do a barre, and later that day i have regular ballet class. Is this bad for me?

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If there's a good break inbetween, there should be no harm in the schedule you mention. Where did I say it was bad to do two barres in one day? That doesn't sound like me! :D

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It could have been me, come to think of it! Ms. Leigh says "three barres in a day is just too much barre," and she's right. I tend to say "two classes at your level back-to-back is not a good idea." If you take one that's well below your level first and use it as a warmup for the more difficult class soon after, that's not bad. Take one in the morning, one in the afternoon, might as well be on different days, so that's fine.

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No big yip. I'd do the classical first, then any adjuncts after, but that's just me. I can't think of a good reason to advise that order other than my own instincts.

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