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singapore dance theatre sleeping beauty auditions


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SDT is holding auditions for their sleeping beauty to be performed this dec. is anyone from this board going to try for parts? and has anyone tried for parts in any previous performances and knows what to expect?

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Singapore in December sounds wonderful.

I'm suprised SDT is not doing Nutz.



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the last time they did nutz was in 2001. due to the fact that they can only put up full-length performances 2-3 times a year, nutz isn't exactly their favourite way to use up the resources. :D

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Nutz can typicaly pay for itself. Other ballets lose money. Perhaps the tropical climate is less inducive to Nutz. Good luck on the audition.



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Guest pavlovadancer

hey! I have no idea who you are, but you seem like you're from Singapore too!! Haha. Yeh, I'm definitely trying out for it. I think its cool they're doing sleeping beauty. The Nutcracker is getting stale.


oh well, I got a call saying that the audition was on the 17 Apr and you should bring ballet and pointe shoes. She basically repeated what it said on the form. OH, and according to my classmates, for the Cinderella audition, you only had to do some very simple combinations - like tendus and stuff. But I don't think it would be the same for this one.


speaking of which, does anyone know anything about the petal miller-ashmole version of sleeping beauty? Cause that's what it will be.

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are you auditioning for the 12-17 group? i'll be in the adult group, but i didn't receive any phone calls so i'll just be bringing the basic stuff, maybe pointe shoes as well.

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