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Ms. Leigh or Mr. Johnson,


Do either of you have any first hand knowledge of the summer program at University of the Arts in Philadelphia? I'm looking into getting into St. Paul's School's Advanced Studies Program this summer, but UArts seems to be my second choice right now. I'm 16 years old if that helps any.



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I'm afraid I don't know anything at all about their summer program, Carson. Sorry. :) Have you checked to see if there is any information on the SI forum?

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I was only vaguely aware of UArts program before you mentioned it. Now, I might be able to come up with some SECOND-hand information, but I can't do first-hand on this topic.

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Knock, knock, we do have a parent on the board who has a dancer attending this program. I have PM'd her to let her know about your inquiry and hope she'll get back to you before January, but it's hard to know. I know that she has posted that her daughter is very pleased with this program. Take a look at the Moms and Dads forum. I recently brought up an older thread titled "mums the word" about company and college auditions. :(


Perhaps this thread might do better in Cross Talk?

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Sure! Everybody can post in Cross Talk! It's a meeting place for all forums to discuss topics. It's sort of like "Anything Goes" on the Ballet Talk board. If you want to discuss something, but it's not clearly a Young Dancer issue, or other heading, Cross Talk is what you want! :(

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Knock, knock, we do have a parent on the board who has a dancer attending this program. I have PM'd her to let her know about your inquiry and hope she'll get back to you before January, but it's hard to know.

That would be me. My DD and I just got back home from our two-day drive from Philadelphia (got stopped by a snow storm around Cleveland).


I know that she has posted that her daughter is very pleased with this program.
I did? Actually, the jury is still out on this matter.


In any case, TrustyDancer is asking about UArts' Summer World of Dance, which my daughter never attended before starting the college program. The only information I have is third-hand. Another dancer told my daughter that "the dancing is great, but the students are immature." My daughter adds, from what she's heard, that it's a good program for checking out UArts, but she's not sure why else people would select this program.


I don't know anything about St. Paul's School except what I just read on their web site, but my sense is that the experience one would get at UArts would be the exact opposite from what you'd get there. St. Paul's focus is academics, UArts' focus is the arts. St. Paul's consists of an idyllic campus, UArts straddles Philadelphia's Broad Street, smack dab in Center City. St. Paul's has a cafeteria, UArts doesn't. St. Paul's is "a remarkably supportive place" with a "family atmosphere" while at UArts, you go to class (hopefully), cook in your dorm/apartment, buy groceries, and manage your own social calendar absent any communal gathering place. It's basically a young adult existence in a big city where you're essentially on your own. (And many 18, 19 and 20-year olds aren't ready for this lifestyle, much less 16 and 17-year olds.)


If you're looking for a summer program that is offered by a college dance department with a wide array of classes, then my daughter and I still highly recommend Point Park University's International Summer Dance in Pittsburgh.

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Thanks for posting, Pierrette - and I apologize if I mistook your post on Dec. 1st where you wrote

My daughter is a freshman dance major at UArts, so it was nice to get some confirmation that it's considered a "hot" school.
as an endorsement! :grinning:
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Thank you so much for that information.


For St. Paul's I'd strictly be going there for academics if accepted; dancing would be a plus.


I was just looking for a good program that I wouldn't have to audition for, and was close to New England. My family doesn't have the funds for CPYB, nor do I think I am good enough to be excepted anywhere in an audition, pretty much strictly because of my body type. I'm looking for a great place to excel and mature as a dancer over the summer. UArts was just an option.


Ms. Leigh, or anyone else, if you have an other programs that might fit this description, I would love to hear about them.



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Trusty, have you read this thread on the Frequently Asked SI questions forum: about Good programs that may not be as "competitive"? Within this thread are discussions of other programs that might interest you and be on the East Coast. One that springs to mind is Burklyn's program.


All summer intensives have their differences, but it does help to gather as much information from people with experience - and you're doing some good leg work right now. Keep up the good work! And keep reading, too. :jawdrop:


P.S. This is, understandably, a very slow time of year on the board so don't get disheartened if you aren't answered with as many posts as you'd hoped for, OK? :)

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Just returned from a trip to the East Coast and happened to drive by UARTS in the evening. It is in inner city Philadelphia and the neighborhood seemed dodgy, at least to this overprotective ballet mom. Any current students out there who can address this?

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Philadelphia worker/almost resident- the neighborhood around U Arts is actually OK. It is not far (just some blocks)from the major shopping areas, Rittenhouse (quite tony), theatres etc. Phila is not NYC- the city is pretty quiet after 9pm, and I wouldn't advise walking around at night by oneself, but that is true of most places.

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