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Help! I am new to all of this. My DD is 14. She's been at her present academy for 2 years, is now dancing 6 days a week, 12 hours total. Before that, she studied with an RAD instructor for a year, twice a week. (Of course, she had a few years of once a week "lessons" at the local dance school before that.) She moved to her present school because she wanted to pursue pre-professional level training. So, depending how you count, she has maybe 3 years of real training. She's been en pointe for 1 1/2 years. We are both happy with her present school; they go out of their way to assist my late-bloomer.


Her RAD instructor was always very negative about my DD's body, calling it "difficult" on occasion. (My DD still takes an extra class with her because she feels she gets something out of it.) Her instructors at her "main" academy have never been so negative.


Recently, DD was accepted at the UBA (Kirov) SI. (She had been wait-listed.) Her RAD instructor's jaw dropped.


OK - does this SI acceptance mean my DD has potential or does UBA just fill space? Thanks. Your postings have been so helpful in the past.

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Although I am very new to the SI experience (dd's first year auditioning) I don't think a school of UBA's reputation accepts just anyone. I think that any acceptance into an SI that requires an audition (not just a placement audition) is a good sign. I hope she has a wonderful, rewarding and positive experience at UBA (if you are sending her). Congratulations to your daughter and welcome to BA!

For more information on UBA (Kirov), go to the SI forum and see the feedback. I am sure you will find quite a bit of information. :wink:

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Thank you, Redstorm! I'm in Northern CA, too, BTW. Wish your DD all the best, what SI's did she audition for? This is pretty unsettling stuff for me, reading about the "perfect" body and all that.

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Taradriver, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancer's! :thumbsup:


In my opinion, your daughter's RAD instructor needs a tutorial on manners. :(


Please, now that you've de-lurked, be sure to participate in this year's upcoming 2004 SI forum - as well as any of the current discussions that interest you. :wink:

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Speaking as a teacher, yes indeed, the UBA acceptance means that the auditioner(s) found your dd to have potential. At 13-14, we are all looking for possibilities. Obviously, they felt that she is one of those possibilities. She should consider this highly encouraging. 15 is about the last year potential is sought. After that, it's almost all delivery of mostly finished product!

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My dd is going to the 1st session, too. At least 2 or 3 of her dancer friends from her academy will be at that session.

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TaraDriver: DD auditioned for too many, in my opinion! :wink: I seemed to have lost the entire month of January.

She was accepted to Joffrey NY Trainee, Joffrey Midwest, UBA, The Rock and Austin Ballet. (SFB, ABT and SAB didn't work out for her this year)

Next year we will narrow it down considerably to just a few programs that we feel she will fit into.

What part of Northern CA are you in? Anywhere near the SF BayArea?

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Redstorm: Yup! San Jose area. My dd auditioned on a lark. It was her first (& only) audition. I am still blown away by all this. Congrats on all of your dd's acceptances. Where will she go?

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She is off to Joffrey Midwest.

Hope your daughter has a great time in Washington DC. One of my daughters friends is going 1st session also. :D

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Congratulations on your DD being accepted to UBA. You must be very proud and she must be very excited. As Redstorm has said, UBA doesn't just accept anyone. Your DD had to audtion along with approximately a thousand other dancers. UBA saw something in her that they liked.


My DD (15yo) was accepted to UBA but will be attending Boston Ballet. We are from the Silicon Valley as well. Perhaps we attend the same ballet school? There are only a few in the area.

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We have veered severely into chat here, and far from the original important question. Since that seems to have been answered, I'm closing this thread. :D

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