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plantar faciitis and sesmoiditis


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Back in October I pulled the tendon that goes from the heel of the foot through the arch to the sesmoid bones and was diagnosed with plantar faciitis and sesmoiditis. I stayed out of class for 6 weeks and started back in January, but it still bothers me when I put all my weight on it balancing and turning, and sometimes landing in jumps. I ice it after class and sometimes soak it in salt water in the morning, and was wondering if there is anything else I can do and if this is just a time thing that will go away eventually. It also hurt after wearing heels( only one inch) for a few hours Saturday night, Are there any exercises I can do for this?

Also, I tend to wing out on that foot and am trying to correct this - that is probably what led to this happening. Are there any exercises I can do to help this also?

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Onyx, Yes, there are exercises you can, and should, be doing for the plantar fasciitis. Flexing exercises in particular. I have them all typed out and in a computer file. I give them to Irish dancers as a preventative. If you would like to email or PM me, I'd be happy to send them to you.




I have lived with acute plantar fasciitis myself so I sympathize. Although I didn't think it would ever go away, it is mostly conquered nowadays, due, I think, to my being disciplined about the therapy.

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My DD just recovered from a bout of sesmoiditis. Hers was not a combination with Plantar fasciitis though so her treatment may have been different. She rested the foot for 2 weeks and then was re-evaluated and allowed to return. She had several stretching exercises she did with her foot daily.


Once she returned to dancing, her Sports Physician recommended she wore foam bunion pads (Dr. Scholls) the pad under her big toe for a while to give a little extra cushion to her foot.


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