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achilles problems


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I Have never had problems with my achilles before. I started using a foot stretcher a while ago but I stopped because it was crunching my achilles. Ever since then my achilles hurts when I point my foot or until I have warmed up my foot by bearing through the pain. Is my achilles just sore from being crunched and stretched over and over again or what?



(The foot stretcher is a peice of wood with a piece of leather over the top you put your foot in it and pull back as far as you can. A bit like the couch stretch. If my achilles problem is from this foot stretcher I highly recommend not using it.)



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Ohhhh, I know, I KNOW!


It's hard to tell from the outside what's going on with the Achilles', but if the dang thing hurts at all, ICE right away. Since I'll bet this is more than 72 hours after the onset of symptom (ouch), you could try contrast applications, cold, then hot! Next long weekend you have off (ha!), try goofing off. Do nothing, nada, nix. Give it some time to heal.

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Hey yeah that was what I was going to do but I figured I would ask just in case it wasn't necessary.


Nothing worse than spending your weekend sitting and icing. :rolleyes:




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:jump: PHEW! Im glad that you asked in the first place, Ping! I was having a DREADFUL time with my tendon, I think I was straining it on pointe too much, and just kept working on it, and jumping. Sometimes it pops up again, but I just have to keep icing it when I am reading, watching t.v, or getting ready to sleep. :flowers: It gets tiring, but what can you do? :thumbsup:
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