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Guest happycc

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Guest happycc

Also is it true that 9-10 should be wearing a dance belt? And where would one find this via internet?

I am not so sure son would be thrilled about trying one out in the dance shoppe which mostly has girls.


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Guest prism
I am so glad to find this forum.

Hello Carolyn and Welcome! It's always exciting to meet another parent of a boy dancer. I found Ballet Talk just a couple of months ago and am so grateful to have found all the wonderful, helpful people here as well as the enourmous amounts of information.


My DS will be 8yo in two months and has been dancing since 4yo. He is the only boy in all his classes. (The studio only has about 4 boys this year.) He is in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Teenies Performing Troupe. He has explored a little Modern and Hip Hop through a small local summer intensive and mini summer workshops. His favorite has always been Ballet.


We also homeschool and I believe I have seen some other homeschoolers on this board as well. The flexibility sure is nice but it is definately a lot of challenging hard work.


Regarding special needs dance students, another studio in our town has a "bright orange ballet class" which is entirely special needs students. We went to the studio's holiday performance and I was almost in tears to watch this class perform. The benefits in self-esteem and confidence were obvious. They danced sincerely from the heart.


As for dance belts, I believe the primary purpose is for added support and protection, especially when they start doing leaps and lifts. It is also more visually aesthetic under tights or snug fitting jazz pants that would show the lines of the briefs. Some studios prefer younger boys to wear a dance belt for aesthetics before they actually need one for support. Since you mentioned your son's sound and lights sensitivities, I would suggest that if he also has sensitivities to clothing that you get one before he needs it and let him get used to it in class. I would not just make him wear it for the performance or it will be a major distraction for him and he will be miserable.


To find one online, you can check out Capezio's. They only have one style but is reasonably priced. they also show a picture. The link is a mile long directly to the item so go to this link and then to men's damcewear and you will see it.



I was also going to suggest Discount Dance because they have 3 styles. However, since the last time I visited their site, they have removed the 2 out of 3 pictures they did have. :) I thought Mel might appreciate that tidbit of info from an earlier discussion we had on dance belts. Mel and others might also have some other online resources.


You might also ask your studio if they have a Discount Dance paper catalog.


Again, welcome. Looking forward to your posts.

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Guest prism
I just found out that my son will be lifting a little girl in their ballet show to give him a taste of what boys do in ballet.

Do you have access to performances by professional ballet companies in your region? That can also be another way to give him a taste of what boys/men do in ballet. If they are already interested in ballet, they will generally be so-o-o-o-o fascinated by a live performance. What part did he get to play in the Nutcracker and did he have the opportunity to watch any of it?


If you don't have access to many live performances, videos can be intriguing as well. A few months ago, my son had struck a sudden interest in swords and has also had an interest in Roman history and Greek Mythology for quite some time. A few weeks ago, I saw a video of "Spartacus" by the Austrilian Ballet on the shelf at the library. I picked it up because of the theme and by the description thought it might have more than the usual male roles. It did indeed, but beyond that, it also had quite a bit of sword play in it. That instantly grabbed my son's attention and now not only does he want to see Spartacus live, but wants to perform in Spartacus some day!! :) And in my innocence all this Mom can think of is "uh-oh, what on earth did I get us into now?" :sweating:


Honestly though, live performances and videos are a good way to show young boys what can be available for them in ballet in the future.

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Re: dance belts for pre-pubertal boys.


Often schools will advise a sort of "trainer" or "starter" dance belt for young boys, which is a sort of close-fitting brief with a full bottom. No sense in starting to saw them in half with a thong back that early. Showthrough under the tights is minimal, because they do fit so snugly. Where to find one online is a considerable challenge, though, as prism has pointed out. I haven't looked for one for ages, though, as I never wore one of them, even as a student, and I generally start young boys out wearing rowing or bike shorts.

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:) Hello Carolyn and welcome to the Parents of Boys forum! I would like to suggest that at 9 or 10 your son does not need a dance belt at this time - if he is wearing bike shorts - just have him wear briefs underneath. Most boys don't start wearing a belt until they move into dance tights at about 12 years of age. Trust me - they won't like the thong at that young an age. Even at 12 my son had trouble getting used to the thong - now he also wears a leotard - double the trouble!!! :sweating:


Also, ordering online is very frustrating as each manufacturer has a different sizing system and what fits as a small with one, will be a size medium with another. It is best to try them on - and I know, it is a hassle, but it must be done. Find a reputable dancewear store with a good selection of belts and private fitting rooms. Not so easy though I know. Every summer we drive for 2 hrs to a store just to buy dance belts, but now she said that she would ship to me - thank goodness!!!

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Guest happycc

Look what I found for boys....http://www.riversedgedancewear.com/danbotformen.html


I looked at the Capezio line but the sizes are large....



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I totally agree. At a young age, bike shorts, or something similar, are by far the most useful. My 11 year-old doesn't wear a dancebelt yet. I imagine the rates boys develop a need for a dancebelt would vary, just as girls needs vary (though not being a boy, I wouldn't know!). However..... (trying to get my bearings here... LOL) My other DS began wearing a dancebelt about the time he turned 12...mostly, I think, because he saw other older boys wear them at an SI. However, once he tried one, he never looked back. Supposedly the benefits outweighed any discomfort. And I have to say, it looks quite a bit better than boxers underneath!


We are experienced with ordering dancebelts online (have to where we live). Sizing is all over the map, and access to various models is alwyas iffy. It's hard to know what we're getting and suppliers that carry one brand one time may not carry it six months down the road. And because of huge differences in sizing and fit, we probably have 6-8 dancebelts that have been tried on, but never worn, waiting to be used by my younger son.


BalTogs run the smallest and the small sizes are a good first dancebelt. They make both full and thong backs, and different materials. Your sons will probably want to try different kinds to see which they like best. (Dance Distributors and All About Dance are two catalogs with these.) Sometimes the wait on BalTogs is long. For us, it has varied from 3 weeks to 2 months. Most of the time the dancebelts are in stock, but not always.


Compared to Bal Togs, Capezio run small. Style 5933 in a large is pretty much equivalent to a BalTogs medium 87, and quite a bit bigger than an M.Stevens (don't remember the style #). The Capezio 5930, the most common one sold IMHO, has a really wide elastic band that is much too large proportionally for a boy, though it probably works great for a man. The 5933's band is narrower, about the same as the Capezio "comfort belt." The M. Steven's thong lengths are long and it's not quite as supportive as some other brands, but I hear it's comfy. The Capezio C26 is another good one for boys.


Prices vary on these and you'll need to order several just to get a couple that fit well (and be able to wash them regularly!), so take some time on the internet and shop around. Also, we've found that if you get on all the catalog lists, that helps.

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Good add! Thanks, werlkj! The dance belt sure does help you to "draw up your bowels!"

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Guest happycc

Ok....here is what I have so far....


dance belt not necessary till 12 however if my son is sensitive to changes, textures etc Better start him in one in class to get use to it.


get a looser fitting belt for the class...but the performance belt should be tighter.


do one use the thong or the brief more?


He currently wears black long leggings for ballet, not tights. Should he start wearing tights. He wears your basic socks-gym socks with his ballet shoes.


he is in Elementary II-don't know what that means and if it is universal term.


He will be in a gymnastic show too and he will be wearing a leotard under gym shorts. Will he need a dance belt or underwear for this as well?

He takes gymnastics at the dance studio and really there are only a 2-4 boys in the school of 600 kids or so. Not one of the teachers have a clue about boys and what they wear.


Do they wear dance belts for jazz, hip hop, tap?


Also what are SI or IS? I take it is summer camp or something like that.


I feel so stupid about all this dance thing. Brandon started out in tap at 3.5yrs to help with balance issues and such. He could barely stand up. Then we were off and on (more off) with dance until he was 7yrs old as he just wasn't ready till then. His first class was a combo jazz and tap class. Thank you for answering all of these questions. You guys are great.




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Largely for the cross-dressing ballet market. Yes, there is one.

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Now to the questions immediately previous.


A boy should be wearing a dance belt no matter what form of dance he does. It supports the lower abdominal muscles and I highly disapprove of "belts" for maturing and mature males which are nothing more than suspensories. Use the brief for classes and performance both, if he has difficulty adjusting to new-feeling clothing. At puberty, he can start wearing the thong type, preferably with a very broad band of elastic to hold in his lower abs.


Elementary II is only a relative term against which the students at your school are judged. They are not standard terms like Cecchetti or RAD grades.


I would think far more of a boy's wearing tights to class in preference to leggings or bike shorts. I swear that I have never seen dance clothes phobia at such a pitch as has been for the last couple of years. Tights are your work clothes, period.


SI means Summer Intensive. It's a course of ballet study done when school is out and students can take more than just one or two classes a day.

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Dear happycc,

Ok....if your son is sensitive, I'd skip the dancebelt until he starts feeling exposed or looking exposed. I have a kind of interesting younger son myself, so I can understand a bit about where you're coming from.


If it was me, I'd just let my son try it with and without, and see how he's more comfortable. It may be he likes everything "tucked up," despite the fit feeling odd. Comfort is a lot of what dancebelts are for, that and protection when partnering. If he's doing something with other people where he might get injured--jazz, ballet, whatever--a dancebelt should help. I think a good one to start with is the BalTogs BT128 because it's the closest to briefs. It is a full bottom, pretty comfy, and cotton/lycra. This is an alternative to buying one with a thong. Dance Distributors (www.dancedistributors.com) or The Dance Shop in Fort Worth, TX, can help. (The Dance Shop is 1-800-22-DANCE or www.22dance.com) The Dance Shop is more expensive for everything, but they also have more of everything. They're pretty amazing as far as service, sizes, brands, and selection.


Re: tights, I don't think its necessary. There are a couple threads from a few months ago that have a LOT of info about shirts/leggings, etc. My oldest has only been asked to wear tights for final SI (summer intensive) performances and auditions. He's never needed them otherwise.


What is important, however, is that his teacher can see the line of his leg very clearly, both muscles and bones. And when your son is older, he'll want to be able to see his line clearly too. But again, tight capri-length leggings can do the job pretty well. We did just order some Radetsky leggings from Mrs. Radetsky (lycra leggings). They're definitely not appropriate for regular class because of the distracting patterns, but fun for Fridays. Making sure they're skin-tight is really the key.


My son never wears socks. In our experience, socks seem to often be optional. However, he wore them at two auditions this year, where they were required. He borrowed a really thin pair of mine and wore them with footed tights. We had no clue whether that was smart or not, not ever having asked guys whether or not they wore all those layers on their feet, or had ever bothered to look, but it worked out okay. But my son also trims away the extra bits of lining in his shoes (wants to feel the floor). I always used to rip the linings out of mine, so maybe that's where he got it. At any rate, socks bug him a little.


I've never heard of Wear Moi dance belts, but there are a lot more brands out there than show up in dance catalogs. Male tutus?? I'm guessing those are elastic bands to wear around their waists to hold their tights or leggings up. Just use elastic tied in a knot or, if you like to be tidy, sewed so it overlaps neatly, or even a belt, one of the webbing ones that can be infinitely adjusted. Tights and leggings are often made really high-waisted and the belts keep them neatly in place.

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Guest happycc

Hi Prism:

Since we live in the Bay Area there are performances everywhere. Finances are tight for us so we mainly go to the shows that are at the dance studio. They have a once year performance in June and in the spring the different dance companies has a show for the studio. Two of my kids were in the 25th Anniversary Gala this last winter and that was a great experience. We have gone to their Nutcracker shows which are not just done by kids but adults as well.

Our dance studio has an adult company too as well as ballroom dancing which my son wants to try out as well. Go figure.

We have gone to the Oakland Nutcracker once.

I am waiting till my youngest is a little older(she is 5yrs old) so I can trek all three of the kids to SF ballet shows on my own using BART. We finally saved enough money to see Disney on Ice. Does that count?


Truthfully only one daughter is really into watching ballets and reading the stories and sadly she is the least coordinated one. My son, well I wouldn't say he is into reading about the ballet stories. I am just happy to get him to read at all.


Perhaps some of you may have some good boy ballet stories or shows that might inspire him. He likes pirates, and medieval times. He loves weapons such as swords etc. He has been in a couple of plays and musicals as wells. And loves to act and sing.




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