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Okay. Miami called me on Wednesday and left a message on my family's answering machine telling me that I was off their waiting list. They also asked my mom to call them back so she did, but they didn't answer the phone. Their answering machine picked up and she's called them like 5 times since Wednesday and has left 2 messages on their answering machine. What should I do? I really want to got to Miami this summer but everytime she calls them they don't pick up. Do you think they are going to think I don't want to attend? Thanks for any advice because I'm starting to worry a lot. :blink:



~Cierra~ :wink:

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Email them, and tell them the situation and that you are trying to call, but no one answers. Ask for a specific person or an extension number to call, or a different phone number. Be sure and call during business hours. It's possible they are on spring break, although it seems like the office should still be open.

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Knock Knock, not a 13-16 but a mom

They usually return phone calls within a few days. Ricardo or Linda will usually call in the afternoons when classes are in.

Don't give up, they will call you back!


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Guest dancergal

I went to Miami last summer and here is some information that you might find useful (if you haven't already found it):


Phone Number- (305)929-7000 extension 1802 for Riccardo (he is in charge of records, etc.).


Fax Number- (305)929-7009

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Thanks everyone for the advice. I emailed them just to make sure they know that my mom has called. :D I hope I hear from them soon!




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I emailed Miami on Saturday and they still haven't responded. :( Now I'm getting really nervous and my mom said that they've probably passed me over and went on to the next person on the waiting list. I don't know what to do! Should I try to call them again for myself? Should I email them again? I'm so lost! :lol: Miami is my dream school and I really really want to go! :sigh:




~Cierra~ :innocent:

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Reality check here!


So you emailed on Saturday. How many business days does that make since? One. The ball is in their court. Have you been making sure that you're calling in the afternoon, Eastern Time? If in doubt, send a fax!

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Thanks for the advice Mr. Johnson! I didn't even think of faxing them. I will try to call them between 11:00-3:00 p.m. eastern time tomorrow.




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Last year I phoned with a ?, Left the message at 10AM and at 3 PM Linda called back, spoke to me and then asked to speak to DD. It was on a Monday as I recall.

Remember to keep your phone lines free. I use to work in a Doctor office and more time was wasted on "call backs" to busy lines.

When you leave a message say you will be available from ___ to ____ and be there.!!!

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Don't worry. They'll call or email you back. Don't worry about the idea of being passed over on the waiting list. If they've gotten your messages they know you are interested in attending the school and if they didn't want you they wouldn't have called you. Ricardo and Linda have always been very accomodating and flexible with everyone's needs and yes, they took a bit of time to return my calls too last year, especially the later in March/April it was, but they did return them!

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