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Big Heel?

Guest brown-eyed-girl

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Guest brown-eyed-girl

For the past three months my right foot has been hard to fit into my pointe shoe. I didn't think there was a big enough size difference in my feet for me to need two different sized shoes so I just took the pain and went with it (bad choice :D .) It turns out that a half size bigger fits perfectly on both feet, but there is still one problem- I have a weird ridge on my heel now. There isn't really any callous there, just raw skin which never seems to heal. The ridge starts at the base of my achilles tendon and is about an inch thick/wide. I'm not sure if it's been there all along or if it's due to my small shoes- Anybody know what it is? :thumbsup:

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It could be anything from friction dermatitis to a fungus infection to a bone spur. Have a doctor check it out. We're having trouble seeing it from here.

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