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I'm thinking of doing the two-week intensive in August at CPYB. DO you think it would be beneficial? Has anyone gone to this part of the program who could explain their experience? I plan on contacting them for more info. Thanks!


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I haven't been to the 2 week program, only the 5 week, but i'll help as much as i can. the 2 week program is a lot like the year round, you dont have any of the guest teachers that teach at the 5 week, you have the also wonderfuly year round teachers, like marcia dale weary, melinda howe, leslie hench, etc. CPYB is a great school :D .

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I've been to the August two week session, and I'm a year-round student at CPYB. The August course is pretty much what it's like year-round-you just go from one class to the next, with no breaks. It's a great program, but most people don't get pointe, all in all, I'd recommend going!

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why don't you get pointe?

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