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Has anyone else seen the ads for the upcoming series (?) on Bravo: "Showbiz Moms and Dads"? It premieres April 13.


I bet this has more to do with the world of pageants and acting, but who knows? There might be some ballet or dance parents. At any rate, hopefully we can all watch and learn by example ... one way or the other... :D

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Here's a blurb and trailer for the series. It's a six-part series that "features five extraordinary families from around the country determined to find fame and fortune for their children -- no matter what the cost."

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Ugh, now I remember seeing a clip of this program - the mother was telling her daughter not to make an "ugly" face or something. :huepfen::flowers::yes:


It would be interesting to know if there were going to be any ballet parents in this program or not. My guess is that there will not be - though I bet there'll be some dance sequences of some sort.


I have a feeling it's going to be very depressing - don't you? :angelnot: The "no matter what the cost" is, of course, rather key. Costs as in emotional/mental and probably $$ as well. I hope they do some longterm follow-ups on the subjects.

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Nah, can't be about ballet: "find...fortune"? :angelnot::yes:

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Watching something like this might have good therapeutic value for all the ballet moms who want to drop out.


On viewing, we might learn, for example, that if our children aspired to be hip-hop stars it would be worse!

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Just checked the schedule, but we don't get BRAVO where I live. However, all featured families but two have children pursuing acting careers. Of the remaining, one is pursuing a singing career (to be a "teen idol" -- poor baby) and the other, the 4- to 5-year-old seen in the video clip, is in the pageant scene. Not worth watching for any reason, in my mind, unless you're interested in seeing the worst of human behavior or just want to feel sorry for the kids.

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Maybe they'll put ballet parents in the sequel...if they do one. I have some nominations in mind....

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Ugh. Just looking at the stills on the web page -- a couple of little girls, one with a big, beauty pageant hairdo and the other with a tiara, beauty-queen sash-and-sceptre and clutching a wad of prize money -- are enough to put me into a funk for the rest of the evening. WHAT are these parents THINKING? :)

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I watched this show last night. Only one of the parents seemed to have a balanced relationship with their child. I thought it was a good reality check - make sure you are not that involved with your kid's ambitions. The pageant kid situation was really :sleeping::thumbsup:

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I agree with Cricket -- this show is kind of like driving past an accident on the highway -- you don't want to look...but you can't pull yourself away.

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I read a review of this series, and it occurred to me that some of these parents may have dollar signs as well as stars in their eyes.


At least no one is going to push their kid along in ballet because they think the family could make a fortune.

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