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WOW!! It was pretty strange, wasn't it?


My dd and I watched it together and ended up talking about the amorphous quality of what these parents and kids are trying to achieve. At least with ballet there is SOME notion of a standard that has to be met that is a particular thing; I mean, you either have the extension, the ballon, the triple pirouette, whatever, or you don't, you really can't fake it that much. Now HOW you do it in ballet, is another question and maybe ulitmately brings you and your child to the same crossroads...


But the acting/pagenting/singing(?!) of these kids-- their parents obviously thought their kids had talent--- and who's to judge? That's what my dd and I found so strange and compelling, and let it be a lesson to all of us parents! G-d forbid we lose perspective and end up like that, which might be quite easy if one were they and close up to it. However, it's one thing to back a kid who wants to do it, who understands the odds (as much as a kid ever can quite understand), but quite another to make one's child do something he/she is not even interested in... That Nutter dad, dragging all those kids into it, and his wife, too!! :D


Having said all that, if my dd ever spoke to me, or treated me like the doormat the mother of the teenage blonde actress did hers, I'd straighten her out, and pronto! Can you imagine???!!! :mondieu:

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I really wanted to see this program but it wasn't on our Bravo station :D

The movie "Waterworld" was on. I will keep checking to see if it comes on another day. Did anyone from Northern CA (Bay Area) see it?

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I watched the program in between laundry and ironing... :D

I also was taken aback by the blonde girl's behavior. The sacrafice her mother was making (staying in LA with husband in Colorado) for this girl's acting career was enough to make me blink and blink-with no gratitude and appreciation-I think not!! The beauty pageant mom was a very troubling look at a misdirected life IMO. $20,000.00 a year for crowns of fake gemstones; spraying your daughter with a chemical to make her tan. A good reflection into the American Dream...

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Did anyone see Oprah today? I was at the gym, and only caught a bit of it, but she had some of the people that were on this Bravo show on her show. I wasn't able to see the Bravo show, but Oprah's was pretty interesting! The Nutters' dad said that the Bravo show helped him to realize that not all of his kids were into acting, and only three of them were still going on auditions, which seems like a good thing.

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I accidentally tuned into this show today. I can only wonder what these same parents and kids think when they see themselves, in all their glory, on tv. The parents in particular are scarey and at the same time pathetic. They seem to have unrealistic views on the possibility of fame and fortune for their kids.


Having spent a short amount of time in the 'dance competition scene' when dd was younger, I can tell you that these same sort of parents are alive and well in the 'dance' world. :green: Pushy parents, lots of forced dancing and the 'you have to win' mentality gave me a reality check and we soon fled for higher ground. There is a big difference between performing and competing. There is joy and beauty of expression in performing. Competing in dance just didnt seem right.


Back on topic, the show is worth seeing, if only for the reason that it can serve as a reality check ... if we see ourselves in any of the parents :sweating: , there still time to change :thumbsup: .

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knock knock, student here


i accidentally happened to catch it today while surfing cable. most of the parents are over the edge, but the little girl doing acting and her mom as an agent seemed like one of the best set up families i've ever seen. her mom had real values and her daughter understood the responsibilities of school and home came before acting which i thought was great. i couldn't help but sit back and say WOW she has an awesome mom for her to relize that at such a young age. claps for her! :)

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