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Deanna McBrearty?


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I did a search, and didn't find the answer to my question, so:


Why did Deanna McBrearty stop dancing with nycb, and where is she now????


I'm so confused, and don't know where she is or if she's still dancing! :thumbsup:


Maybe someone can clarify???




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is she dancing with any other company? or did she just stop dancing completely?

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Deanna has been spotted in Philadelphia, PA. I believe her husband attends school in the area.

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so, she's not dancing any more?


I wonder why she resigned in the first place?

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Wonder away; unless there is a direct statement from Ms. McBrearty or NYCB, the basic assumption about why a dancer has retired is, "so that they won't have to dance any more." Beyond that is speculation and gossip. Topic closed.

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