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I just heard about a movie called Kick. Its about a boy who plays soccer and he has a secret passion for ballet. Can anyone clarify this for me if its a rumor or is it true? I can't find one thing about it.

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About 25 years ago, there was an ABC After School Special called "A Special Gift". The story is about a farm boy with a secret passion for ballet, who is forced to choose between a starring role in The Nutcracker and a mandatory high school basket team practice.


The film won a pile of awards including the Peabody Award and a blue ribbon from the American Film Festival. It's available on videotape, but not sure who sells it.

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Yes, I've seen 'Kick'.


Basically it is about a boy in late teens, and his desire to dance, but he has various pressures which make it difficult to fulfill this desire. It is set in Sydney (I think?).


Paul Mercurio (Strictly Ballroom, formerly a pro ballet dancer) plays the choreographer.


It was an ok movie, but not great.


I don't know where you would be able to purchase it- I saw it on TV a couple of years ago.

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