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Recently started again and need help!!


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I recently started ballet again after a gap of 8 years. I am currently taking 3 classes a week and i am trying to improve my overall strength and flexibilty. If anyone has any suggestions on how i could improve it would be much appreciated.


I am also on pointe and would love some top-tips on how to strenghten my ankles! :clapping:

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Another vote for pilates. :clapping:


I'm surprised you're doing pointe work so soon after such a long absence from ballet. But probably the best way to strengthen your ankles is to do releves at the barre.

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I would be concerned if you haven't danced for 8 years and you're en pointe. That could be dangerous, not the least because of the ankle issues you mention.


As for strengthening ankles: usually they wobble because they're not placed and held in the correct position. Work carefully at the barre for turnout, length and stability.

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Thank you for all the suggestions and I have managed to locate a pilates class in my area and I hope to start classes soon.


I spoke to my teacher and I have surprisingly good turnout and strength. The ankle issue really only applies because of the ponte shoes i wear as Gaynor Mindens are very very flexible!! I don't wobble, I just don't pull up enough!!


I would like to say that this place is brilliant for talking to fellow dancers. :wink:

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Hi Kitty, and welcome, and great that you're back in classes.


While Pilates is definitely a great thing to do - just a few classes helped me a lot - it seems to me, based on watching people coming back to classes after years of absence, that those who get back fastest are those who just come often and work hard in class and have patience and don't bother too much about doing all kinds of extra things to strengthen them. Other than taking extra classes if they feel like it, that is. To phrase it differently, it seems to me that the best excercises for getting one's ballet strength back given that one has at some point in their life had that strength are ballet classes themselves. :wink:


As I'm an adult beginner, though, this is not based on personal experience. But if I am completely mistaken in my observations I hope a teacher or a more experienced student will correct me - a very reasonable hope in this very knowledgable and helpful board. :)

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