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No more class : (


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I went to my ballet class today only to discover that they've decided to cancel due to lack of participation. I guess during the last two weeks when I was gone on vacation, no one showed up. I'm really upset. I really look forward to class and it's the only one I can go to. I'd been coming regularly since the beginning of January and there were always at least four of us. So now I am ballet-less because I can't go on Monday's and I'm far too much of a beginner to be in the intermediate class that is offered at the same time as the one I took. :)

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That STINKS... and it's all too common. I've had two adult ballet classes

cancelled out from under me (in one case I ended up taking class with some

10 year old girls who were at my level... and that was tough on my ego,

since I'm a 42 year old guy!). And, I also had an adult hip-hop class

cancelled out from under me as well, which was a FUN class, especially

taking it right after ballet :)


Hang in there, and good luck finding another class -- sooner or later,

I hope it works out!

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I'm going to call them and ask again next week. Maybe if I express lots of interest, they will reinstate it because there were a bunch of us who turned up regularly. I wish I were good enough to take the intermediate class. I wonder if they would let me stand in the back and muddle my way through it. But I'm not even sure I'd have the courage to do that if they let me.

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Guest beckster

I think you should go for the intermediate class. As long as the teacher knows you are a beginner and you don't mind staying at the back! A good teacher will be able to deal with a range of abilities or suggest modifications to the exercises to help you. Such as missing out beats, doing releve's instead of pirouettes, doing petit allegro with hands on hips, etc. I started out in a class way above my abilities, and while it does have its disadvantages, it's better than no class at all!

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I agree, go for the intermediate. If you can get the other beginning students to show up then as well maybe they will see there is interest in the class.

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yes, that 's a good idea-try to get the other beginners to go to that class too and if there are enough of you , maybe they will reconsider.

One of my classes(with my favoorite teachr) was canceled for lack of enrollment , but since my class was an intermediate, the director took it down a notch and made it a beginner intermediate to get more people. We now have one lady who is a real beginner, but my teacher modifies the barre exercises and center to suit her level and she is doing really well. A long as you have the basics and know the terminology, the teacher can probably work with you.

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Hey Dread Pirate,


Wow! taking a class with little girls you have guts man! I don't know if I could bring myself to do that. Well, given no other choice, I probably could. I'd miss it too much!

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