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Hello everyone on ballet talk! I am new. I have a question. Here it goes. For the longest time I could be able to do triples perfectly. Now it seems that I lost it. I can never do a perfect one. Well before I did them every time but now it is rare that I do one. It is not like I don't try because i do. But, I need some advice! Please help me anyway you can. And I wanted to know what counted as a post. If you could give me advice please help me out!

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Hello onmytoes, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forums here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online! :thumbsup:


The first and easiest question I would have about your turning is whether or not you've had a growth spurt recently? Anytime your body changes, by height, width or depth, or just re-proportions itself, then your center of gravity changes. That will knock your turns, and a lot of other things, gally-west until you find your center again.


Posts are any contributions made to any forum at Ballet Talk for Dancers except Brag Board. We recommend that newcomers try to bridle their enthusiasm and confine themselves to a maximum of ten a day, using these posts to learn all the "bells and whistles" that the software has.

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I have had a growth spurt a little while ago and I think that will be my problem. Thanks for the advice! I will try to find my center this week and I will tell you what happens. Thanks again! :thumbsup:

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