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too fast


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Sometimes I turn too fast. It is not a bad thing but it gets out of control. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to slow them down. Any advice, please tell me. Thanks! :thumbsup:

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Don't push so hard, go more gently with the arms, and make sure the position you're turning in is as high and correct as can be.

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So what I should do is pull my stomach and thighs and push down my shoulders and not have my arms to tense? Thanks, I will do that! If anyone else has any experiances with that I would like to know!

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In turns, and as a matter of fact when you're working at all, you should be working the abdominal muscles up and in, and feeling pulled up out of the floor all the way from an imaginary point some inches BELOW the floor! :thumbsup: I wouldn't say "force" the shoulders down, just don't let them rise. And remember, the further out you hold your arms in the turn, the slower the turn will be.

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My teachers tell me to think up, not just around. Like Mr. Johnson said, to pull up out of the floor. This helps me do more controled and slow pirouettes.


Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

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Guest dancergal

I have one teacher who is obsessed with not spinning in turns. He always tells us that we have to think of going up instead of around. And it always means that I can't do as many pirouettes, but he says that it's good for us to not spin.

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He's right. There are times when you can spin, but those are really few and far between. A pirouette is a balance that happens to turn.

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Guest Giselledancer513

Try not to throw your arms because that gives you too much force and a very sloppy turn, also try to hit your position before the turn, like, Plie.... and Hit then turn. Of course you don't need to do it alot because that would look silly. LOL I type too much. hope I helped... some what. :wink:

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Well, actually the hitting the position and the turning have to take place at the same time, not one before the other. Turns are complicated pies, with lots of ingredients, but the main thing is that all those ingredients have to go in at the same time :wink:

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That is what my techer told me in the class yesterday. She told me that I was not SHYCRONIZED and my arms were too slow. I worked on my arms so the they were in first position faster and now it is like doing a piroutte in my sleep! :wink: On all my pirouttes I pulled off triples! :D

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Yes, in pirouette, together is almost always the best way... :yes:

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