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Virginia schools?


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I just recently learned that I am going to be going to Virginia this summer for a while, and that I need to find a decent ballet school in the Herdon / Fairfax area. Could anyone help me, please?



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Guest Megari

The Kintz-Mejia Academy in the Tyson's Corner area is a VERY good school for classical ballet. They teach Vaganova Method. They are very attentive to detail. Linda Kintz and Mark Mejia are the instructors.

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Arlington Center for Dance, in Arlington, VA. has a very good program, as does Maryland Youth Ballet in Bethesda. I mention these two particularly, as in the summer I think they still have some open classes in addition to their regular summer intensive programs. Washington Ballet has only a few Adult evening classes during the summer intensive, and there are no open classes during the day. I'm not certain that Maryland Youth has classes for young dancers outside of their summer intensive, but they might be flexible about allowing guests, not sure. At WSB our classes in the summer are limited to the full 5 week students.


There is a school in Herndon, actually, but I can't remember the name of it. Hans will know, and hopefully he will see this.

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<Hope it is ok for me to post this info here...>

Arlington has nearly its full adult schedule in the summer.


Many of the teens attend the adult classes when they are not off at SIs or in addition to their SI classes, so the classes are more "mixed" (adult and teen) during the summer than during the school year.


The schedule for summer classes has just gone up at www.arldance.org.

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Guest grace22cool

I go to Classical Ballet Academy of Northern Virginia which is a great school. It's in Herndon. The website is http://balletherndon.org .The teachers are wonderful and supportive and many of our students have gone to professional companies. I'll be here if you have any questions!!

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Yes, thank you grace22cool! This is the school I was trying to think of today. Cynthia Rudolfer does a lovely job there in Herndon, and we have had many fine students from her school at Washington Ballet. :thumbsup:

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