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Guest Noelle

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Guest Noelle

Hi, I'm hoping y'all could help me out here. I'm a 20-year-old college student who's been taking ballet for about 2 years now after about 15 years as a competitive figure skater (not many ice rinks in rural VA, where I'm at school!). I'm going to be home in the Boston area this summer and I'd like to try and keep taking some adult ballet classes -- do any of y'all have any suggestions about where I should look, what I should look for, etc., etc., etc? Is there a database somewhere that lists ballet studios in my area? I'm no longer a beginner, but I'm certainly not advanced! Thanks so much for any help you can offer me!


P.S., Moderators, should I be posting this in the Adult forum? If you think so, feel free to move it! :thumbsup:

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Hello Noelle, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :thumbsup:


Actually, I think this would probably get more useful information on the Adult Students board, so I will move it there as soon as I finish this post!


The Boston Ballet has Adult classes and is a fine school. I have also heard very positive things about Mateo's school.

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Yes, that's true, open classes are available at both places.


Boston Ballet's school is located in the South End, near the Copley Square T stop.


There's also the Dance Complex in Central Square (Cambridge) --- for a more "granola" atmosphere than either of the ballet companies. The Dance Complex offers classes in a wide range of dance styles.


Mateo's school in Harvard Square has a 5-week summer intensive that you could probably make your way into if you wish. That is rather unique. But if you're a competetive figure skater, getting really serious about ballet would likely un-do the muscular development you need for skating.


If getting into Cambridge or the South end isn't convenient for you, you'll have a harder time finding ballet classes to take. But there are possibilities, especially maybe branch schools of Boston Ballet.





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I have a question about the branch schools of the Boston Ballet. Which location is the best? are all 3 at the same level? Which one is the main school? I couldn't tell from their website.

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The main school is in the South End.


The best school is the one that provides the classes you want to take at a time you want to take them, and are accessible given your lifestyle. I think that the South End location offers more classes than the others.


Teachers are moved around between the studios based on similar considerations --- what is most convenient for them, and vacancies in the teaching schedule that need to be filled.

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