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courtney's mom

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I was wondering if anyone has noticed improved turnout from using Yoga Toes. Their ad makes this claim, but was wondering if anyone has first-hand experience with this. DD's (14 1/2) growth plates have not closed and natural turnout is only 150 degrees. Before X-rays were taken, Dr. said that if growth plates had not closed, she might be able to improve turnout. After viewing X-rays, and questioning Dr. about improving turnout, he seemed to back down from what he first said. Dr. does not want her to force her turnout, and says it will be very difficult to have a career in dance unless a company is willing to overlook the fact that her turnout is so poor. Of course DD wants shoot to be a professional dancer, and is doing her prescribed exercises very faithfully. (She has other physical issues with her feet and hips.)

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Sorry, but can you refresh my memory about Yoga Toes? I know it was brought up recently, but I am complete blank here on what it is.

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Here is a brief description: They look a lot like those toe separaters you use to paint toenails, but larger. They are filled with gel. I have seen ads for them in Pointe magazine. My DD's friend got a pair for Christmas and DD tried wearing them for 30 minutes, hoping they would improve her arches (another ad claim); she felt like her arches looked better. She only tried them that one time, though. Hope this helps.

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Hmmm, well, I don't know about the arches, but I sure can't see how they would improve turnout! I would tend to doubt that they would improve the arches either, unless somehow they keep you from pronating. Not sure.

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Guest fille'smom

I'm confused about the measuring of turnout. When measured by the dance therapist, lying flat on table, face down, knee down, foot up, letting foot fall to side) with her protractor looking tool my daughter was told 40 degrees on one side and 45 on the other. How do I translate this? I know it's probably obvious but I'm kinda slow in the math dept. :wink:


One girl at our studio has yoga toes and loves them. Says they have "helped her feet". No personal experience though.

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Guest fille'smom

Here's the ad for Yoga Toes that I found. Don't see anything about improving turnout.




Yoga Toes®


Yoga Toes are the perfect antidote to a long day in pointe shoes." Karin Ellis-Wentz, Dancer at American Ballet Theatre.


YogaToes are like getting a foot massage whenever you want! When worn a few minutes each day, YogaToes revive joints and tight muscles and more importantly improve performance and prevent injury. You will see remarkable results including increased foot strength, improved arch lines and greater flexibilty. Long lasting medical grade material is easy to care for and has a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Sizing Information: Small=(Women's 5½ - 7½; Men's 3½ - 5½) Medium=(Women's 7½ - 15; Men's 5½ - 13)


YP-YT1B $37.50

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I just did a Yahoo search and found this site: Yoga Toes


I'd be interested in hearing responses from experienced members of the ballet world after reading the information on this site. I don't know enough about the feet to assess the validity of the information provided.

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If you go to the Yoga Toes website and click under the picture where it references Pointe magazine, it shows the ad I saw. Under "remarkable results" it does list turnout.

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That would be quite remarkable :wink: Actually, they look very interesting in terms of the things the website says they do, however, improving turnout would have to be proven to me as that just makes no sense at all.

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Ms. Leigh,


I, too, have a big question mark as to how something you place on your toes can help with rotation from the hips???? With this claim, it makes me question the other more reasonable benefits of this product.


What do you think about these assertions made on their web-site, which seem to address issues more closesly related in proximity to the foot? :wink:


They are designed to relieve stress, provide a natural solution to foot pain, improve the circulation in legs and feet and increase foot and ankle strength and flexibility.


Here's the Help You'll Notice:

increased foot strength

greater toe & ankle flexibility

improved circulation in your legs

stretches Achille's tendons

stretches leg muscles

improves arches

corrects postural alignment

relieves stress


lifting and spreading of the toes which stretches the muscles and Achilles tendon and stimulates the nerves and connective tissue.
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Not sure, drives2much. I suppose it is possible, although I'm not sure I quite see how it works to do those things. I can definitely see how they would help hammer toes and bunions, as separating the toes will do that. Of course you can also do it with spacers from the drug store or cutting up a piece of foam rubber, all much cheaper. However, if someone finds these things to work for anything else, I would be very happy to know about it!

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So, if Yoga Toes aren't the "magical cure" for improving turnout is there anything else that will help? I will risk looking like a fool and ask the Dr. about Yoga Toes when she goes in for a follow-up appt. on Thurs. and pass along his answer.

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Filles mom,

I know nothing about Yoga Toes. I'm still trying to visualize the measurement for turnout you described. :wink: How do you lie face down, knees down and feet up? Do you mean heels up and then turning toes out, as if in second position? Or did you mean face up, heels down, toes up, allowing toes to fall to either side naturally? :wink:


My daughter has never had this measurement done. Can someone explain the various ways this measurement/assessment is accomplished? I'm having a hard time figuring out what they are really looking at in order to come up with the numbers discussed. :o

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So am I, balletbooster! I have seen PT's work with an instrument to measure rotation, but it was not done like that.


Courtney's mom, there is NO magic pill for rotation! Ballet itself is designed to develop it to the best of one's ability, however, everyone also has their own limitations, dependent upon structure. Improving it takes a VERY long time, and a LOT of work and even MORE patience! There is nothing at all instant about anything in the training of a ballet dancer, and no magic cures for anything involved in the physical facility that is required for this art form. There are some aids, like therabands, but still the only answer is the work and the time, and even then it is questionable as to how much can be changed. The earlier one begins, the more concentrated and focused the work, and the quality of the instruction are crucial. But, just like you cannot make a professional musician out of someone who is tone deaf, you cannot make a classical dancer out of someone who has no rotation. Making one's rotation better is possible, but it depends a lot on how much there is to start with.

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