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Bee- I was thinking along the same lines that you are! Maybe it is a placebo effect!


Victoria Leigh- I had to laugh when I read your post! I have wonderful rotation and flexibility in my feet and ankles and a great turnout. Years ago when I had an ankle injury the PT asked me if I had been a ballet dancer when she did my measurements! She even had some of the other PT's come over to look at my flexibility! They were very impressed. This was many years before Dd even started dancing!


Unfortunately I have no coordination and can't dance! I was always the person in step aerobics going the wrong way or 4 steps behind! Dd must have gotten her coordination from her dad thank goodness! :D

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Would there be any downsides or contraindications for using Yoga Toes? Even if the claims of Yoga Toes are far-reaching, if they help to relax and de-stress the feet after a long day of ballet, rehearsals, and life, they may be worth it. I just want to consider the other end of the spectrum-could any negatives arise from using these?

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Sorry to bring back this old post, but, wanted to share some info I have gotton from dd's pilates instructor.


I think that these yoga toes work on the same principal as streching and lengthening as well as strengthening your toes. In pilates dd is working on all of this and must seperate, and lightly pull on her toes everynight. As well as do some foot exercises, while making sure she is lengthening her toes. There has already been a slight improvement in her balance on releve, because, she now stands with her toes elongated and not scrunched up. Therefore ,there is more of a base for her to balance on. This along with all her other pilates work will then also help her with her alignment and all that that entails. DD does not use the yoga toes, I am just GUESSING that they might work in a similar way. But doubt that they would change anything without all the other hard work.


IMO the yoga toes company does reach for the stars with their claims though.

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Mel Johnson

We had a device that used to do that. It was telling someone, "Don't clench your toes!"

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:ermm: Yes Mr. Johnson I agree, I just wish ALL teachers thought that way, then dd would not have to spend so much time trying to break bad habbits that should have never even started.
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le chat noir

I have read online reviews from people who have arthitis and toe stiffnes that say Yoga Toes or Sandals have helped them.

But wouldn't taping your toes like you do for pointe have the same effect? Does anyone know?

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No, taping your toes is not the same as the exercises listed in Pauline's post, which are just as effective (if not more!) as purchasing a "product". Better yet, they're free!

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DD has a pair of Genki Kun toe stretchers which are similar to Yoga Toes. We were recommended them because she has a very slight devation in the big toe (not yet a bunion) and were advised that these might help alignment of the big toe. She also wears a toe spreader with her normal street shoes. I have already noticed an improvement in toe alignment but she iss till young and her feet have a lot of growing to do so maybe it s easier to affect an improvement at this age?

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DD and I saw a copycat product at Target and picked it up for probably not more than $11.00 just because it looked like it would be soothing after dancing all day and indeed she does feel comfort while wearing it and it seems to separate and strighten her toes while she has it on. The instructions cautioned against wearing it for too long.

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Of course, do whatever works best for your dd! If the product seems to be the best fit, well, it's there!


Bunions are hereditary, so the best things to do are to strengthen the tiny muscles surrounding the metatarsals, and be sure to stretch and do the yoga-toes exercises. Beyond that, it's not in the human domain. :yes:

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Harriet Carter catalog sells socks that are similiar to yogo toes but are easier to keep on the feet. Footsmart.com has all kinds of do dads. Exercises are always best. Yoga toes have helped rest DD's hereditary bunions.

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We bought the Yoga Toes a couple years ago in an effort to put off the bunions that are so hereditary in my family and seem to be being brought on all the sooner by ballet. DD can definately see a difference in her ability to spread her toes, but after we had already bought them the ortho told dd she can achieve the same effect by stretching her big toe with the opposite foot. Dd does noit use these like she did when we first got them - but that is like everything for her. Now she pulls them out and uses them in spurts, when the mood strikes. *shrug*

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We also bought a knock-off identical product to Yoga-toes on Amazon for our DD for a fraction of the cost. She also has hereditry bunions ( I had surgery last summer to fix one foot with other foot not quite bad enough yet). DD feels they help stretch out her toes after a long day on pointe, and she uses them quite regularly.

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le chat noir
Of course, do whatever works best for your dd! If the product seems to be the best fit, well, it's there!


Bunions are hereditary, so the best things to do are to strengthen the tiny muscles surrounding the metatarsals, and be sure to stretch and do the yoga-toes exercises. Beyond that, it's not in the human domain. :)


Can you please tell me where I can find exercises to strengthen those muscles, stretch and where I can find yoga-toes exercises? Besides slightly pulling on the toes and trying to wiggle every toe seperately I haven't really come up with anything else :firedevil:. Thanks!

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