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How much does the average 14 year old who want to become professional spend on ballet classes? I'm just wondering because I'm trying to get into a good school and I need to know the approximate amount. Please delete if not appropriate.

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There is no set rule on this one and since you are from Canada, I am sure the price of class is quite different than in the US. Here, the prices vary, even according to region. Perhaps you could email a few of the schools in your country and in the US to get the answers directly from them? :wink:

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Guest lttl_dancin_meggie

Yeah try looking up some local school online or in the phonebook and asking for a pamplet or somthing that give you some information on the school, usually it will include class costs. Also I suggest watching or even taking a class at the school before you decide to go there. I've made the mistake of not doing it too many times! Good Luck! :D

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