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I am so sorry. My mom and i were on the same computer and she never logged out and so on accident I sent something under her name. But I will ask the same question anyways.


Is Boston ballet hard to get into? I got into Boston and I wanted to know if that was a BIG DEAL. :wink:

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Good morning onmytoes123! I deleted your other post since you were not using your name.


As for Boston Ballet being a good place to be accepted, I would have to say you should be proud of any acceptances you receive. There are many who are not accepted and being accepted is showing a certain level of accomplishment that Boston Ballet finds attractive. Congratulations! :wink:

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Hey I think that thats great! CONGRATULATIONS! I agree with the last post, its great to be excepted antwhere! Not that I have, but I would be really proud!

:wink: WAY TO GO!!! :sweating:

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Thanks everyone! I am proud! Does Boston have a good summer intesive? Is it really intense? If anyone has gone there before I would really appreciate it if you could tell me a little bit about it. Thanks! :shrug:


PS - Does SI mean summer intesive? :)

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Yes, SI means Summer Intensive :D


If you go to the Summer Intensive Survey 2003 forum, you will find a topic on Boston and lots of info there about the program.

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I wanna thank onmytoes123 for asking, because I had no idea what it meant either! I also want to thank Ms. Leigh for answering!!! :D

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Guest *my toes skim the stage*

onmytoes123: which boston ballet program did you get into? Summer Dance Program or Dancelab? Congratulations on your acceptance!

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Guest dancer522

I go to Boston Ballet during the year, not during the summer, but as far as I know, the Summer Intensive Program is pretty intense, but Dancelab is aimed toward younger kids and is mostly just for fun and not very advanced. At least, that's my take on it.

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Guest *my toes skim the stage*


Hello! I will be attending Boston Ballet's Summer Dance Program this summer. I know at the end of the session they hold auditions for their year round program. I have fallen in love with Boston's wonderful teachers and method of training. I was wondering a few things about the year round training program.


I know they don't have boarding facilities but are host families available? How old are you? What grade are you going into? Where are you going this summer? What level at BBS are you in? How many hours do you dance a week? A day? In your honest opinion would it really be worth it for me to try to aim there as my year round school if my dream is to dance with the Boston Ballet?

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Guest Future Star

I have the same questions as the last post!!! I am going to Boston Ballet SUmmer Dance Program too!!! hey *mytpes skim the stage* my name is Hannah and I am fourteen years old maybe we will see eachother there? what's your's??? I am really excited! also what size beds do we have probably twin right :thumbsup: ??? 'cause they asked us to bring sheets and stuff and I need to know what size to bring! :rolleyes: i'm kinda going crazy over the whole thing 'cause it's my first summer dance program and I don't really know what to expect! could anyone tell me a little bit about it? and also does anyone know about how many classes we will be taking there over the summer? I had now idea they had year round program auditions at the end of the summer? that rox!!! thanx for all of the help. I need it! :shrug:



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