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Hey hey! I'm new!


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:D Hello everyone! My best friend pointed me toward this site, and she told me to join. My friend is onmytoes123. Shes really cool! :sweating: You should read her stuff sometime! I will be asking for advice, so be prepared to give it! To start the day off, I have a problem with my turnout, and I was wondering if anyone had some tips! Thanks for listening! :wink:
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Welcome to the Young Dancers' forum, FlexNPointe :wink:


The teacher/moderators are here to answer your questions, however I think we might need a question that is a bit more specific than that! Before you do that, though, try looking through previous topics, and also the Archives, as they are a treasure of information on almost everything....especially rotation and turnout! :sweating:

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Ok...What I meant was that I dont have a natural turnout, but i REALLY want to be able to do well. So I was wondering tips to enhance my turnout and not roll over! Is that more specific? :wink:

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Yes, that is helpful. Let me address rolling first. That happens because the feet are turned out more than the knees, meaning that you are turning your feet further than your rotation from the hips. There is only one answer to that one.......don't do it. You will roll as long as you do that.


As for improving rotation, that is what all of the exercises at the barre are for, especially rond de jambe à terre. If you really work correctly at the barre, and understand the exercises and what the focus is for each one, you can improve everything! Spend time on your tendus and rond de jambes outside of class. Work on using your rotation from the hip and maintaining it as the leg moves en dehors and en dedans.


I also like little circles in the air en dehors, with the leg to the side and the foot flexed. Small circles from side to forward/side, bring the heel in close to the standing heel and circling forward en dehors to the side. This helps to feel the actual action of the hip rotators making the leg turn out.


Stretches for rotation are legendary, and everyone learns those in ballet classes very early. I'm sure you have been given a lot of exercises in your classes. The key is to work on them regularly and VERY correctly. Be sure that you are aligned and placed and working the right muscles, no matter what you are doing.

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Thank you very much Ms. Leigh...I have tried a few of those, and I will certainly try the others! Thank you very much and I like hearing what you have to say! :wink:

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