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Pointe anxiety

Guest AmyLiz008

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Guest AmyLiz008

I was just now sewing the ribbons onto my new pointe shoes, and noticed that my hand was shaking. I thought about my shaking hand, and realized that my heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach as well. All these feelings were intensified when I thought about my pointe class in half an hour. I'm a relative newbie at pointe work, but still, I didn't think I would react this way being all grown up! It's like starting ballet classes over from the very beginning. I feel like a kid again! I just wanted to share this wonderful feeling with everyone. :D

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It's wonderful to be associated with a profession that brings such joy to people...even if it's only temporary! :D

Clara :lol:

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I know just how you feel... one of my proudest moments of my adult life was that first releve en pointe. I was especially proud given the number of people who said that since I started ballet at the ripe old age of 23, I'd never be able to do it!

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I can so relate...


I was shaking and all silly the day I went into the dance shop and bought my first pair of pointes. I was so worried that they would laugh me out the door.


The best part was that I had my photo taken and put in their book of "first pointe shoe purchase" photo album. I put on a red feather boa.


47 is a rough year to buy your shoes, I'm still amazed. :)

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